Hold onto Your Entrepreneurial Dream

Written By Gary Spirer Published October 21st, 2009

In some way, over the last year or so, all of us have had our dreams shattered.

It doesn’t take much looking around to see a lot of people suffering.

Like deers in a headlight, many people are stunned by the disappearance of the American Dream.

There is so much lying and deceit from the government down. Politicians seem to represent their own interests. They engage in crackpot economics. They bail out their friends – the too big to fail. They propose ridiculous programs to buy votes and sucker the unwary.

Meanwhile, small businesses that provide the entrepreneurial dreams and more than 60% of the jobs are thrown some bones.

Many connected with the Wall Street Casino continue to promote retirement packages and a host of tired and worn 60% or 70% in stocks and 30% or 40% in bonds.

We are deviating from the American Dream. We are letting Big Government and deceitful politicians and uncontrolled lobbyists erode the spirit of self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship.

But, Americans are resourceful and resilient. They will rise up against the coming taxes, inflation and out of control debt and deficits.

Americans are much smarter than the politicians and some of the too big to fail companies.

Hold onto the dream. Our time will come.

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