Sales Wanted: Hold Onto Your Dream Part 2

Written By Gary Spirer Published October 28th, 2009

If you want to get sales, you need to cast a wide net at first.

This may sound the opposite of what you might think. You repeatedly hear that you should focus upon a small niche and dominate it.

Here’s what I am saying:

  • You want to focus upon a niche.
  • You need to find what message resonates with your potential customers.
  • You also need to find the best channels to reach them.
  • In the beginning, you are in the trial and error business. You must try numerous ways to reach your customers.

    Very soon, you will narrow the approaches.

    As an offline business, you must decide:

    1. 1. Whether you will sell direct to your customer and bypass distributors
    2. 2. Go to trade shows or not
    3. 3. Be upscale or not
    4. 4. Use in-house salespeople or not
    5. 5. Advertise or not
    6. 6. Use direct mail
    7. 7. Use the Internet
    8. 8. Use PR
    9. 9. Employ event marketing
    10. 10. Have a heavy sampling program

    As an online company, you must decide whether you will use:

    1. 1. Content syndication
    2. 2. Be a blog or full website
    3. 3. Pay per click
    4. 4. Link Strategies
    5. 5. Social Networking
    6. 6. Product Launches
    7. 7. Speak at Seminars
    8. 8. Joint Ventures
    9. 9. Affiliate Marketing
    10. 10. Online TV
    11. 11. Mobile Phone tie-ins
    12. 12. MLM
    13. 13. eBay
    14. 14. SEO

    There are combinations of offline and online strategies. Other media still works – radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, classified.

    The key to sales is understanding how long each strategy takes to implement, what is the cost and what is the return on investment.

    Each business model – how your business intends to make money – must look at these options and determine which one or two options works the best.

    You want small successes that begin to add up to sales that lead to proof of your concept and break even.

    So, hold onto your dream (vision, passion, purpose) and you will find a way to build a viable business that works for you.

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