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Written By Gary Spirer Published November 11th, 2009

The Entrepreneurial Author, by Jay Conrad Levinson – author of the Guerilla Marketing Series and 57 other business books – and David L. Hancock – founder of Morgan James Publishing and author of a number of books including The Secrets of Master Marketing and Affiliate Cash Flow Marketing.

The book itself might be retitled: how to be an entrepreneur in life and in business.

The book reminds me of a European-style movie that slowly draws you in. Suddenly, you realize the book is about you as an author – not just of books but of your life.

You start to squirm when you start to answer the questions about your life:

    *Do you have a life plan written out – “only 20% of the population puts their goals in writing” you are told.
    *What is your reason for being?
    *Do you fear not having the ability or not being worthy enough to reach your goals?
    *Are you a workaholic that leaves lives abused and shattered around you?
    *Are you a person or a productivity machine?

Stress due to overwork you are told has horrid side effects that attribute to:

1. Substantial increases in substance abuse.
2. 50% divorce rate.
3. 60% of all children born today will spend some time growing up in a single-parent family.
4. The incidence of reported child abuse has quadrupled.
5. The average age of successful suicides is now 40.
6. 300% increase in the suicide rate for 15 to 24 year olds.
7. Cocaine and alcohol abuseactively touches 6 out of 10 American families.
8. The average working parent spends a mere eleven minutes a day of “quality time” with his or her children.

    I loved this fact: “Nearly 70% of customers lost to American businesses are lost because of apathy after the sale – the sellers “love ’em and leave ’em attitude. The opposite of apathy is follow-up.”


A quote from a time-management specialist: “I think the people who reject the long hours will be the real leaders in the years to come – they’re the brightest, the innovators. The guys logging really long hours aren’t seen as heroes anymore. They’re seen as turkeys.”

The heart of the book comes down to these core messages:

1. Seek balance in your life.
2. “There is one thing you can do that nobody else can.” ~ Deepak Chopra
3. Find, align and live your true dream – write about it; enjoy it; revel in it; make the world a better place to live because of it.
4. Don’t live other people’s dreams – live your own.
5. Focus: the more you know and live your dream, the more you will have the passion and energy to reach it.

Under the Secrets Section, I loved the Surfer’s Rules quoted from Robert J. Kriegel’s book If It Ain’t Broke…Break It:

1. Passion Rules: The best surfers don’t spend lots of time on the beach talking about surfing.

2. No Dare, No Flair: Top surfers are constantly pushing their limits.

3. Expect to Wipe Out: Failed experiments are part of the game.

The Entrepreneurial Author is truly a blueprint for successful life without a lot of stress. The book is chock full of basic practical things to do.

Under The Entrepreneurial Author‘s Ten Commandments you are told: “Devote the same time, energy and imagination to promoting your books every day that you devoted to writing them.”

You learn that there are 4 businesses that:

1. Create a product or service (innovative business)
2. Sell it (marketing business)
3. Service it (service business)
4. Value people – that make the first three possible (people business)

In the end, you are in a relationship business – the core of business in the 21st century. Your business and your brand equals your relationships:

Don’t be apathetic: Buy The Entrepreneurial Author by Jay Conrad Levinson and David L. Hancock

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