The Healthcare Lie: A Tax By Another Name

Written By Gary Spirer Published November 13th, 2009

  • Crackpot economics continues
  • The middle class will be taxed
  • The rich will be taxed
  • Businesses small and large will be taxed

No matter what the government says, there is not enough money to fund universal healthcare:

  • – Insurance companies will increase premiums and lower benefits
  • – Increased health insurance will lower wages and salaries of workers – businesses can only pay so much
  • – Businesses will increase prices to cover increased healthcare costs
  • – Unions will resist their cushy gold-plated, over $21,000 annual premium healthcare costs


  • – The cost of government run healthcare will spiral out of control
  • – The government has virtually never reduced costs

This is another clear policy of selling the public phony dreams in exchange for votes and pushing an agenda of socialism in order to rake in billions of dollars for the government coffers.  Healthcare reform as proposed is a strategy to polarize the rich versus the poor.

The irony is the so-called rich often have the brains and experience to create jobs – not more and more debt and empty promises. 

Drivers of healthcare costs – The healthcare system is driven by:

  • – Ever rising malpractice suits – more and more ambulance chasers as lawyers’ revenues drop.
  • – Doctors prescribing unnecessary tests for fear of malpractice suits and out of pure greed and dishonesty.
  • – Insurance companies in some states have little competition.
  • – Insurance companies lower premium payouts based upon their own internal criteria, forcing more “doctoring” of what doctors write up into categories that will get covered by insurance companies.
  • – Lower premium payouts transfer greater healthcare costs to patients and contribute to more absenteeism.  This will not be corrected under the healthcare reform.  If it is, costs will skyrocket.  If it is not, costly absenteeism will continue.
  • – The current system is structurally broken because it is disease focused rather than preventative focused.


  1. Enact tort reform.
  2. Focus healthcare and put dollars squarely on nutritional education, diet and fitness.
  3. Incentivize pharmaceutical companies to develop non-drug solutions.  We are being overdosed by doctors that are paid or highly influenced by drug companies.
  4. Change the healthcare system to a merit-based, results-based fee structure with patient feedback and ratings as to quality (not quantity) of care.
  5. Use doctor-manned 24/7/365 webcam services where patients call into doctors and go over symptoms rather than rush to the ER or to doctor offices, which lowers costs: insurance payouts, doctor visits, emergency rooms.
  6. Doctor home visits – Microsoft saves 35% when a doctor makes a home call instead the worker visiting the ER.
  7. Safeway found they could give incentives and rewards for workers staying on its health plans and taking health-building actions.


To gain votes and maintain power, the government continues to redistribute (tax) our income and wealth (individually and collectively) directly and indirectly to back the powerful and inefficient instead of those who are successful and efficient. 

Until we resist the lies, we will suffer them – taxation without true and honest representation.

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