Steps to Being an Unreasonable Person

Written By Gary Spirer Published November 21st, 2009

Are you an unreasonable person? Well first, what does it mean to be?

Step 1 Define reasonable: In Paul Lemberg’s book, Be Unreasonable, he defines reasonable as “reason of logic and commone sense, or the reason of explanation and the reason of fairness.”

Step 2 Define unreasonable: Lemberg defines unreasonable as “violating your common presuppositions. Breaking tradition…defying conventions…and all the ideas about what has worked before.”

Step 3 Recognize and accept what it means to be unreasonable: “It takes powerful reasons to be unreasonable.”

Step 4 Being unreasonable = taking a different look at yourself. Ironically, what holds us back – what limits us – is that tyrannical, unjust voice in us that says you can’t do it.

This voice – this false voice of others – has invaded our psyche and overrun our minds like invaders of the past. This false voice – the voice of can’t do and mediocrity – tries to hold hostage and exile our true, authentic voice.

Step 5 Being unreasonable = being an Outsider. Those who are the great leaders, entrepreneurs and unheralded heroes are the Outsiders, like Lincoln, Christ, Abraham, Moses, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Churchill, Samuel Adams, Jobs, Gates, Buffett, Oprah, Einstein, Shakespeare, Marconi, Newton, Salk, Spielberg…

Step 6 Set unreasonable goals: Tim Ferriss in 4-Hour Workweek and Lemberg in Be Unreasonable both state you cannot achieve great things unless you set unreasonable goals. Why? Because your goals have to be big enough to make you want to keep going when the inevitable tough obstacles and challenges rear their ugly heads to derail you from your dreams.

Step 7 Teach yourself to be comfortable with discomfort: Again, Lemberg points out that most people tend to seek the familiar and not rock the boats of their lives. They fall into a complacency that lets the tyrant in us rule – that tells us to follow the herd.

Step 8 To be unreasonable, ask yourself these two questions:

1. If not now, when?

2. If not you, who?

In these times, follow Lemberg’s advice – you need to be unconventional to get extraordinary business results.

I’d add, there has never been a time that you will be more rewarded for pursuing Unreasonable Goals – kick out the Unreasonable Tyrant within you and let your true Unreasonable Voice rule.

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