Steps to Keep Kicking the Can Down the Road

Written By Gary Spirer Published November 25th, 2009

Avoid the full pain today for more pain down the road:

1. Keep borrowing from China.
2. Print money.
3. Bail out unsuccessful companies for votes.
4. Promise no tax increases for the middle class.
5. Promote mind-boggling expenses and a more inefficient healthcare program.
6. Artificially prop up the economy and banks with massive debt.
7. Fail to stop rampant out of control Congressional spending.
8. Overregulate in the wrong places rather than just enforcing the regulations on the books.
9. Get involved more and more in the private sector.
10. Abandon small businesses, which create the most jobs.
11. Continue special interests politics and out of control lobbyist influence.
12. Encourage speculation and discourage voluntary savings with artificially low interest rates.
13. End the wars to gain negotiating power but lose lives and run greater deficits.
14. Allow large banks to load up on more and more debt at shorter and shorter maturities which will become more and more expensive.
15. Encourage a psychology of “failure gets rewarded” and “success gets penalized and taxed”.

With Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid ballooning with greater and greater debt and deficits, the government is setting the country on a bureaucratic non-entrepreneurial path. The dollar will depreciate and mediocrity will rule the day.

There will be false recoveries as the natural ups and downs of markets operate. But, in the long run, we are mortgaging our future.

We keep kicking the can down the road.

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