Steps to Your Pre-Launch Phase

Written By Gary Spirer Published November 30th, 2009

In launching a new company the key focus should be on the pre-launch phase and creating sales to generate cash flow.

I was on a tennis school vacation in Florida. A windy freeze came into the Tampa area. I decided to cut my vacation short. The wind gusts were over 30 miles per hour.

After an on ground delay of an hour, I boarded the plane. The captain told us to anticipate continued gusts and a bumpy ride into Newark Airport.

On our descent, I was relieved that there was not the expected turbulence. The bitter cold night was swept clean by the strong winds. We kept descending from one level to another. We were circling and circling. I looked out on the blackened landscape threaded with strands of lights from the houses below. I rationalized my impatience at the slow landing process: the ride was surprisingly expected I told myself.

Then, the captain’s voice broke the droning whirr of the plane. “We are having trouble getting one of the landing flaps to work. We are circling while we work on the mechanical issues.”

Suddenly, a nervous twinge gripped my stomach. The passengers became quiet. The plane’s noise and every motion became magnified.

My mind raced with numerous scenarios. The Captain’s voice again, “We believe we got it fixed. It may be a rough landing. There will be fire trucks and ambulances lining the runway.”

The plane rattled. In its final descent, the plane swayed from side to side as strong gusts buffeted the old reliable 737. The plane seemed to teeter as it approached the runway. The cabin was dead silent. The whirr seemed a gasping whine. The plane seemed to speed up as it came over the runway. Rotating red lights. Yellow lights. The runway appeared surreal. Ominous.

The plane hung over the runway. Then dropped heavily onto the concrete. Thud! Bounced up! Hit heavy again. Huge roar of engines reversing. Applause. We made it.

Step 1: You Need a Pre-launch Checklist to Navigate the Unanticipated and the Unknown

You face the same unanticipated and the unknown every waking moment whether you have an idea: are launching a company or attempting to go to the next level.

Just as a plane ride, you have a pre launch checklist; a launch plan; an in flight plan; a landing plan; a post landing plan. Depending on the context: the environment; the weather; the experience of the pilot; the condition of the plan; the fuel; the passenger load; the food supply, the flight is planned to minimize delays and problems and maximize comfort and the chances of an on time arrival.

If you are starting any new venture, whether a company or on going to the next level, you will be attempting to fly right and get to your destination on time.

Step 2: Sales, Sales, Sales Should be Your Focus

In launching a new company the key focus and undertaking is creating sales to generate cash flow. Selling successfully depends on a number of factors in the pre-launch phase.

Step 3: Most Companies Fail in the Pre-launch Phase

Most companies or launches fail before they even get started – in the pre-launch phase. So, even if the business gets off the ground, the fundamentals missed in the pre-launch stage ultimately may doom a company, its launch and it’s after launch. For example, in the maintenance of the plane, was the landing flap checked thoroughly? One missed detail can doom the entire plane or your entire launch or undertaking.

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