Steps to Getting Your Start-Up Off the Ground

Written By Gary Spirer Published December 1st, 2009

Step 1: Concepts, Issues and Obstacles that you may encounter

When you start up a company, you are entering the uncharted territory or airspace. Its’ an unstructured world where the unknown rules. When you take off, there is no guarantee you will land safely. There is always the element of the unknown.

Step 2: Most people and companies do not believe you

You are an unknown or unknown in your new capacity. Some potential partners and actual partners:
a. Are greedy
b. Are dishonest
c. Often are incompetent
d. Are arrogant (ego + ignorance)
e. Have a different hidden agenda
f. Act like they are in the “club” and you are not
g. Lack empathy
h. Often are juvenile and petty

Step 3: Sell Yourself First!

Before the first product sale, you will have to sell yourself many times to your current and future stakeholders – suppliers, investors, partners, employees, potential buyers.

This is the most overlooked aspect of starting a business or launching a new product. You are the creator, the visionary, the cheerleader, the marketer and the salesperson.

Step 4: Overcome the Resistance to New Ideas

People do not like change. People guard the status quo. Throughout history people kill new Ideas and the people who create the new Ideas.

Remember, it is much easier to be skeptical. Why? So many things fail. Many people do not follow through; even fewer, complete what they committed to undertake.

There is an oversupply of Ideas and Transactions. Everyone seems to have the next Big Idea. Transactions are in oversupply. Few transactions are good. Very few are very good.

There is an enormous built in defense mechanism to new ventures. They can waste a lot of people’s time and money. There is a reason for skepticism. The question becomes how do you get through the noise and clutter to be heard? How do you overcome programmed automatic?

Tune in next time, but remember this…

The game is won or lost in pre-flight plan. The pre-launch strategy or set up involves the following factors:

You are the first and most important sale. You then must sell your Idea. Most Ideas are intentions that rarely happen as advertised. You must sell the Story enthusiastically. Again, there is no fail safe method to presenting an Idea. But, in the end, the Idea must strike an emotional chord with the buyer/investor. Around every Idea is a Story. How credible is the Story – the assumptions? The more clear and simple the Idea usually the easier it is to sell.

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