Steps to the Art of Sales

Written By Gary Spirer Published December 2nd, 2009

Step 1: Why Will People Buy From You?

In Sales it is more important that you understand why people buy than it is how to sell.

People buy because of the collective benefits in the:

a. Idea
b. People
c. Story
d. Emotions

Step 2: Use Sales Fundamentals

At every step in a Sales Process, you are using timeless principles that work again and again. Sales are created using similar fundamentals.

Here’s what I mean:

You and people in general are all salespeople. In sales, you need to persuade. In sales, you need to evoke an emotion or emotions that motivate a person to buy.

The simple formula AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action says that each of the four components of this formula involves getting and holding a person’s attention and interest, igniting a desire, and getting the person to take action.

A real question is: Are you a promoter and manipulator or do you have something a person really needs?

In the beginning as already noted, you and your Idea are your first products:

a. You have to sell yourself.
b. You have to sell your idea.

You have to realize that selling is similar to dating. There is a match or sale or not for the following reasons:

a. There may be no chemistry
b. The other person is dating others; you are one of many
c. They have committed their time to one person or deal
d. They just had a bad experience with someone else and right now, they are gun shy.
e. You remind them of their last significant other – a similar deal – and they have no interest.
f. You are too inexperienced; they want someone who’s well traveled sophisticated etc.

Tune in next time, but remember this…

Think about when someone is selling you. You evaluate whether there is a chemistry. You compare your buying experience to other similar experiences and sales people.

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