Steps to Achieve Your Pre-launch Goals

Written By Gary Spirer Published December 4th, 2009

Whatever you set out to accomplish is a series of steps or goals that either prove or disprove your Idea. Ultimately, you and the people you have “sold”, or have persuaded to buy, want to see Performance.

To achieve your goals requires these 7 steps:

Step 1. Definite aim
Step 2. Other people to be enrolled with you
Step 3. Doing what it takes ethically to fulfill your promise
Step 4. Testing your assumptions
Step 5. Getting feedback
Step 6. Honing your idea
Step 7. Developing a clear plan

I repeat, more times than not failure can be traced back to the Idea, and the people who set forth the pre- launch thinking and strategy.

People and businesses eliminate themselves from the game before it even starts or is launched!! Reread this.

Tune in next time, but remember this…

The seeds of destruction are often sewn in the very beginning:

1. The wrong supplier or suppliers
2. The wrong partner or partners
3. The wrong investor or investors
4. The wrong product or service
5. The wrong market
6. The wrong technology
7. The wrong timeline
8. The wrong timing

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