Steps to Building a Business That Works For You

Written By Gary Spirer Published December 7th, 2009

Most businesses do not succeed with the original Idea with which they started. It is more important that in the Pre-launch, Launch and Post-launch stage that you have the right Entrepreneurial Mindset to be flexible, open and resourceful enough to adjust to the unknown constant change and feedback.

For example, PayPal started out with an entirely different idea of who their market was. But, in testing and refining their ideas in pre-launch and after product launch, they came to a Huge Tipping Point Idea. This leads to another major obstacle – fraud – which they tackled because of circumstances.

The solution to fraud became their core differentiator. They ate up enormous capital but had the staying power, flexibility, openness and culture to find the optimal solution.

11 Steps to Building a Solid Business:

Step 1. Be aware of the pre-launch/pre-sales stage.
Step 2. First look to yourself.
Step 3. What do you know about selling you? Can you persuade?
Step 4. You require a certain confidence level; a certain character.
Step 5. Do you have the courage to move forward and test your ideas and really listen to the feedback?
Step 6. Most great successes listen, but ultimately they listen to their inner voice. Do you have the inner strength to follow your intuition and inner voice?
Step 7. Play to your strengths.
Step 8. Evaluate your weaknesses and get others whose strengths are your weaknesses.
Step 9. Become a master in selling and human psychology.
Step 10. Always keep in mind that anyone you sell wants to know what’s in it for them.
Step 11. Search for models in other people and other companies. What did they do that you can apply?

Tune in next time, but remember this…

Read in other areas and find associations and linkages to your business or life. This is the way to create tremendous value – going where no one else sees value.

Roger Due

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