Divorce Your Home and Significant Other – American Style

Written By Gary Spirer Published December 10th, 2009

According to the Wall Street Journal, more and more people are walking away from their homes and renting even better ones down the block for less.

The stigma of divorce used to be a large stigma. But, with women’s lib, mobility, the media and even abortion, divorce has become acceptable.

Now, we are facing the threat of another stigma – nonpayment of debts – becoming less and less a deterrent.

Here are 8 steps the Government and certain lending institutions have taken to assure this nonpayment movement will accelerate:

Step 1: Teach the populace that borrowing beyond your means is OK.

Step 2: Make phony promises – so why should anyone keep theirs to pay.

Step 3: Overcharge at exorbitant rates.

Step 4: Lower the standards to get credit, to get more and more fees on short-term profits.

Step 5: Forget long-term values for inflated stock prices, profits on stock options, golden parachutes and fat, undeserved bonuses.

Step 6: Change secured creditor laws to bail out unions and auto manufacturers to buy voters but undermine the laws of the nation.

Step 7: Penalize the successful to play off the frustration of the less successful.

Step 8: Jam through healthcare legislation that is morally, legally and financially a disaster because you believe you have the marginal votes – not because it’s right for the country.

Loosening up how divorce is viewed had its pluses – women (and men) were able to get out of relationships. The minuses – a terrible legal system that encourages a number of lawyers to prey on people, their finances, emotions and money.

But, the actions of the Government, the politicians and certain institutions are undermining the sanctity of contractual law and the legislative process.

“Monkey see, monkey do.”

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