Steps to Save America from Becoming an Instant Gratification Economy

Written By Gary Spirer Published December 15th, 2009

The biggest problem facing America today is political and financial instant gratification and manipulation.

Politicians and financial institutions continue to lower standards and appeal to human greed and lust.

The end result is a vastly weakened American political and economic foundation.

The Good News for America:

Historically, when Americans understand the true war at hand they always rally together to defeat the enemy. The government, the politicians, and certain financial institutions purport to be our friends and give us the short term pleasures in exchange for ripping apart the fundamentals upon which America is built. We are now beginning to see that our friends have been our enemies.

We are now beginning to realize that many banks are predatory lenders that issued mortgages that people could not afford and continue to issue credit cards at effectively usurious rates. We are becoming aware that banks promote and issue credit cards like someone would promote drugs or gambling. People are besieged all day to spend on goods and services that have little economic value for them. Banks and credit card companies issue credit cards aimed at many people’s vulnerability to consumption and lack of true financial literacy. Instead of counseling financial discipline, institutions do the opposite.

We are becoming aware that historically any nation that sells off or outsources its manufacturing capabilities will go into decline.

We are becoming aware that with the instant gratification and manipulation of the money supply by the Fed we are constantly undermining the value of our currency and the underpinning of the American economy.

We are becoming more aware that our infrastructure is in decline.

We are also realizing that politicians are promoting economic plans that any person with reasonable financial common sense knows are effectively band aids. They try to buy people off and distract from the reality of our continual economic destruction by promising everybody something to keep them quiet for as long as possible.

11 Steps America Should Take:

Step 1. Let the economy sink to its real value.

Step 2. We should stop writing short term checks to people which have no long term value.

Step 3. Anyone that has owned a company knows that to stay in business it has to produce a profit, which reflects typically good management and some market advantage for a period of time. A company, unlike the government, cannot print money to keep bailing itself out. We should demand the same sound fundamentals of our government and the people we elect.

Step 4. Government expenditures should be directed to train people to be able to survive and thrive in the knowledge economy.

Step 5. People who are in areas that lack jobs because of an eroding manufacturing base are typically very hard working. We should incentivize manufacturing capability to compete with China, India, and other low cost manufacturing companies.

Step 6. We should incentivize corporations to keep their production in the United States.

Step 7. We should run campaigns which champion Made in America and publicize companies that manufacture in America.

Step 8. We should limit the promotion of credit cards and the interest rates which can be charged by banks as well as disclosure of their hidden fees.

Step 9. For a defined group of mortgage holders we can issue preferred equity notes that would act like a preferred ownership ahead of any current mortgages. The equity notes would have a low interest rate and would be paid a percentage of the sale price of the home. The minimum rate of return would be estimated by the current return plus an ownership percentage that would be equivalent to the percentage ownership of the equity notes. These notes could be syndicated in the private markets where investors are looking for a current return and future ownership value.

Step 10. We would set new policies with China and finally get tough with China, rather than conceding that they will be the new economic power.

Step 11. We should set forth a policy to simplify all government regulations and a mandate that government workers are hired to work for us and can lose their jobs based upon a merit system.

America, under the policies that I am recommending, and obviously additional policies and refinements, would signal to the world that is still the true current and future leader of the world and democracy.


· America was founded on sound work and ways-to-live ethics reflected in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

· America must not concede or surrender its heritage and wealth to any country, political groups or financial groups.

· Americans should demand that the use of manipulative tactics promising instant gratification and appealing to greed and to lust is no longer an acceptable way to get their votes or their money.

· Instead, we should evaluate and test our assumptions based upon the sound political and economic fundamentals upon which America was founded.

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