Steps to Your Cramdown Strategy for Financial Staying Power

Written By Gary Spirer Published December 21st, 2009

More from the front lines. Many of the liquid players are watching for opportunities.

Follow these 9 Steps the Wealthy (individuals and companies alike) are taking to tighten up and get their finances organized:

Step 1. Survival First
Step 2. Maximize Your Cash Position
Step 3. Manage Your Credit tightly
Step 4. Reduce debt
Step 5. All operations are examined item by item – no fat
Step 6. Reduce the number of products- get rid of the losers
Step 7. Go for the highest margins possible
Step 8. Focus upon your core strengths and competitive advantages
Step 9. Sell off any nonessential assets

What the insiders are doing is repositioning themselves to have maximum staying power. They are building liquidity to take advantage of bargain opportunities. By staying in the game and moving forward they will become the ultimate winners.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel; Get Your Financial House in Order; Get Rid of Any Distractions; Do Fewer Things Better; Focus Your Strategies Tactics and Assets.

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