The 24 F Words Mega Millionaires Avoid

Written By Gary Spirer Published February 10th, 2010

If you are very smart and very hard-working, then why aren’t you a Mega Millionaire (worth $10 million or more)? I believe many people do not understand how they are getting F’s not A’s in the game of business. The more F words listed below that you can avoid, the more you will increase the odds of becoming a Mega Millionaire.

Why Aren’t the Hardest Working and Smartest People Always the Wealthiest-Mega Millionaires?

Here Are Some of the Reasons I’ve Observed:

1. Fear – even though you see the opportunity, you’re risk-averse and you won’t go for it.
2. Focus – most achievers are extremely focused. Too many ideas can dissipate energy and resources.
3. Frustration – the inability to handle ongoing stress and frustration. Retreating when you should be going forward.
4. Facing yourself – being in denial of oneself. Lacking self trust and self-confidence.
5. Facing others – the inability to confront and to negotiate what is best for you and your company.
6. Failing to free yourself up – taking on too many things yourself. Not delegating and not creating a winning team.
7. Futzing around – procrastinating and delaying making decisions and going for it.
8. Feeling like the victim – blaming others for your mistakes and failures.
9. Full of yourself – pride before destruction. Being arrogant (ego + ignorance).
10 Froth – being on the surface and superficial; not being genuine.
11. Full of BS – an outright promoter or con man. Selling people what they do not need.
12. Fumbler – choking. Giving up the ball to the other side because of fear or not being prepared.
13. Futurist – too much of a dreamer. Not looking at what needs to be done now to get to the future.
14. Figuring too much – focusing on figures to the exclusion of qualitative issues that often make the difference.
15. Forest from the trees – besides focusing on numbers and trying to quantify everything, failing to see the big picture, the vision.
16. Forgetting – not remembering what you said and to whom you committed what.
17. Fair weather friends – it’s about relationships and networking.
18. Fun depletion – when it’s all said and done it needs to be fun.
19. Fatigued – you need energy and your health.
20. Fulcrum is broken – you need leverage and leverage points to catapult yourself and your company to the next level and accelerate growth.
21. Faith-less – without active faith, and yourself, others and sphere, you will never achieve your goals and happiness.
22. Forfeiting your freedom – you look to others to lead and be proactive. You imprison yourself and your mind by limited thinking.
23. Failure minded – you are pessimistic and expect failure.
24. Flow-less – you do not love what you do. You do not get into the zone and let things happen.

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