Steps to Use Social Media to Maintain Customers

Written By Gary Spirer Published February 10th, 2010

Do you want to maintain your existing customer base rather than incur the expense of attracting new consumers? The solution has never been easier with social media. Here’s what to do.

Step 1. * Find out what your customers are really saying through social media *

Find out what customers say about your business to others using sites such as Buzzmetrics and Umbria. Linkedin has a company buzz application that lets consumers express their real opinions of products, services, and the quality of service at companies. By joining these social media, you can find out how your customers feel and pass on to other potential customers.

Step 2. *Select the right social media *

Reach the most customers by using the right social media platform. To immediately reach customers and interact with them, micro-blogging is optimal. An example of such media is Twitter. To actively engage with customers over time and discover what they think of products, then use social networks, such as Facebook. Maintaining a constant dialog with your customers enables you to really reach them. In addition, you can attract new customers to your company web site.

Step 3. * Engage your customers *

Develop a more interactive website now that you know how your customers feel about your business. Set up a special page that enables them to rate products and leave feedback and future suggestions. By doing so, you can actively interact with customers to find out more about their tastes. Allow customers to rate all aspects of your products and all sections of your website. Be sure to leave room for comments in addition to a 1-5 rating scale.

Step 4. * Converse with your customers *

Converse on an ongoing basis with customers be establishing a brainstorm section. By inviting customers to suggest ideas for products or tips on how to improve existing products, you can keep them happy by making such changes.

That’s it! Remember by understanding what your customer needs and knowing their tastes you can better cater to them. It is much cheaper to maintain existing customers rather than gain new ones. Please visit for more great business advice.


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