Four Ways to Develop a Niche

Written By Gary Spirer Published February 10th, 2010

Step 1. * Determine an existing niche that can use your product line *

Know what goods or services that you would like to provide and determine who will purchase them. By understanding your product line well, you can easily find out what segment of the population can use your products. For example, if you sell perfumes online, find online communities that focus on different types of perfumes. You may also want to consider countries where people shop a lot for toiletries, such as in Southeast Asia. Or Brazil. Since it is costly to develop a niche from scratch, find an existing and profitable one.

Step 2. * Define the niche with details *

Generate a more specific list of customers through the online communities from step 1. Send e-mails to your customers to promote your product and also research marketing companies that for under $10 can provide you with the contact information of customers interested in your specific niche.

Step 3. * Develop a marketing plan *

Create a detailed marketing plan that caters to the customers in your new niche. Find out how the niche of customers interacts with sellers. Do they prefer e-mail or online social networks? Find out their concerns. What type of products would they like to see? Remember by gathering specific information you can really address the needs of your niche customers and thus create an effective marketing plan that can increase sales 10% easily.

Step 4. * Find out how many customers are searching for your niche product*

Expand your niche market by determining how many people are actually interested in your niche. This task is straightforward with the use of a toolbar available at or get over to Overture Keyword Suggestion. If at least 6,000 people are interested in the niche, then your product has a good chance of immediate sales.

Now you have a niche for your good or service. Remember that your company cannot provide every product for every consumer. It is better to target your consumers and win over this segment. Please visit for more great business advice.

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