Attention Getting Secrets of Internet Gurus and Mavens Revealed

Written By Gary Spirer Published February 10th, 2010

The first and most important step in attracting new customers is getting their attention. Once you get a new customer, you still need to engage him or her in a dialogue.

Gurus and mavens have used attention-getting secrets to position themselves as experts in their marketplace.

Using the same attention-getting secrets, gurus keep elevating and solidifying their expert status to preempt and dominate their market niche.

7 Ways to Immediately Get Your Customers’ Attention:

1. Use their name
2. Give them something truly new or innovative
3. Show there is something odd unusual or intriguing that stimulates their curiosity
4. Relate a tragic event and show examples of heroism, courage or other lessons to be learned.
5. Put on a funny skit
6. Create or show a powerful, suspenseful drama
7. Involve them in a nail-biting game

The 5 Key Attention-Getting Events or Devices:

1. A surprise
2. An irony
3. A new twist
4. A shock
5. A crisis

6 Common Elements That Will Always Get Attention If Done Well:

1. Script (story)
2. Character(s)
3. The plot
4. There is conflict
5. Crisis
6. Resolution

The WOW Factor – The Critical Element of Attention-Getting:

You must have an event, product or service, or a story that has a WOW Factor.

The WOW Factor That Works in Packaged Goods Can Be Used In Getting Attention On the Internet

When I was in the food business, we spent months on packaging. We knew we had a fraction of a second to get the customer’s attention. We had to WOW them to pick our package off the shelf versus the well financed competitors. We knew our package was our sales person.

You Have the Same Split Second on The Internet To Get or Keep Your Customer’s Attention. You can learn the WOW Factor from our experience.

How To Get Attention and WOW Your Customers:

Make Sure Each Element of Your Design and Packaging Supports Your USP or Unique Selling Proposition. You Should Look At Your Packaging and Your Materials. It All Counts:

a. The shape
b. The color
c. The product
d. The logo
e. The wording or copy
f. The type
g. The ingredients or the elements that make up your product or service
h. The overall sense or gestalt

Using the above analysis, we created four different packaging lines and three brand separate brands. We were a very small company competing against giants. Yet, we never had a package or a design fail. Consumers loved our designs and products. With zero advertising, we got on the shelves of the largest retailers in the United States including a co-brand with Wal-Mart.

Critical Insight:

Internet Marketers Do Not Realize the Attention-Getting Merits of Great Design Critical Observation. The same elements that are used to create successful retail packages can be applied to Internet Marketing and specifically the marketing of information products and services.

Critical, Critical Observation:

In Internet Marketing, the Guru or Maven is the Packaged Good.

To Achieve the WOW Factor In Your Business and Become a Guru or Maven Use the Same Techniques that Create Attention In the Packaged Goods:

In packaged goods, typically the product, e.g. a drink or a sauce, is the hero. In information products, this hero is the guru, expert or maven. The maven, expert or guru attracts your attention with some incredible offer, e.g., a free eBook, which is presented or highlighted by the sales copy. The guru wraps his incredible offer in an attention getting story that says “I know your pain, frustration.” The guru or maven shows a path to get you closer to your core desire want or dream. The maven is a character or performer like Brando, Seinfeld, Nicholson, Streep, Blanchett. Following a script – maybe with some ad lib – the maven performs. The customer either tunes in or tunes out the guru’s or maven’s performance.

Mavens, like packaged goods, are really a strategic arrangement of scripts, stories and characters designed to capture their customer’s attention and drive them impulsively to purchase “them” from among the other competitive goods on the “shelves” or their sites or blogs.

You, as the information marketers, need to have a script, a performer or character and a performance that separates you from the other stories, characters and performances in your space.

Mavens realize that being different gets even more mileage with customers than having the best product (note: I believe you should have a remarkable product or service first, then present it differently than others).

How to Package Yourself like a Guru or Maven and Get Attention:

You need to tune into yourself first. If you truly know who you are and what you want, then it is much easier to know what customers you want to attract and how to attract them. Why? Customers attract to people that represent and articulate their struggles frustration, pain, suffering and dreams.

Study great story tellers; great performers; great events; great packaging. Examine line by line the presentations of your market’s gurus or mavens. Gurus have their creation stories – how they struggled to get there. They show what they discovered. They show how they can get you to where you want to go faster. They have their own quirks and identifiable language to make them human unique and memorable.
Notice as I have outlined that gurus use the same fundamental elements of other mavens and gurus then add their own unique style. This is true of virtually all top achievers.

Write down a list of every trait or strength or talent that would make you a unique performer. Imagine you are watching yourself perform. Imagine your products or services are being offered in a store or on TV or on radio or on a website.

Ask yourself and ask others how quickly they would tune in or tune out you and your products or services and switch channels or walk away. Ask yourself would your presentation or performance wow you? If not, it will most likely not wow your customers. Ask yourself what can I do – what story, what offer – can I make that would be irresistible?

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