Steps to produce a free webinar for lead generation

Written By Gary Spirer Published February 10th, 2010

Need to make a live presentation to your customers or for lead generation? Consider a webinar. Here are a few ways to set up a webinar.

Step 1.

*Select a webinar service provider based on your needs *

A webinar is simply a cost-effective live presentation available through VOIP on the Internet. Each participant sits at a computer and views the presentation or tutorial. By using PowerPoint slide shows or Keynotes on a video or through VOIP technology, webinars can save you the hassle and cost of having to rent a room and spend on travel costs. Find a service provider that meets your particular business needs. For example, if you are using webinars as frequent corporate tutorials and training sessions, then a high-end provider with extensive customer support above phone or online audio and visual facility is needed and can run up to $1100 per month based on the license. On the other hand, if you have a simple presentation for internal staff meetings or to promote your products or services to 1,000 random customers, then a $100 per month provider is suitable.

 Step 2.

* Establish your customer list *

Determine who will be attending the presentation and enter their names on the registration list provided by the service provider. Registered attendants will be required to login in or dial in using the pin number that would be e-mailed to them.

Step 3.

*Upload the presentation.*

Follow the prompts provided by the software application, which would also be in the instruction manual of your webinar service provider, and upload the PowerPoint presentation, Keynote video, or Real live stream video. Be sure you are comfortable maneuvering the pointers and arrow keys to flip between slides or video pauses.

Step 4.

*Engage your customers in live text chats*

Engage your attendees by enabling them to ask questions throughout the presentation. Know that the human mind can only focus for seven minutes in any form of meeting. After that time frame, the mind starts to wonder. By breaking down the entire presentation into digestible units, the audience can understand the main points of the webinar and are better able to stay in tune, especially when they are required to be involved.

Step 5.

*Engage your customers to participate in a survey*

Offer a survey at the end of the webinar so that your audience can ask additional questions and provide feedback about your products or services. Feedback is essential for gaining potential sales leads and understanding the needs of customers. In addition, this tactic of lead generation will generate viable leads for your business.

Keep in mind that the leads generated from the webinar must be contacted quickly. Remember, getting your customer’s attention is one ordeal, but maintaining their interest takes work. Want more informative business advice now? Click here

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