The Power of Interactivity

Written By Gary Spirer Published February 14th, 2010

What is often not expressed enough is the power of interactivity. More and more, the younger generation – the digital savvy – instant message, twitter and text each other.

Time and speed are combined to create tribes and related friends who form communities and relationships to collaborate and have fun.

This is the new world of speed and communication. The young generation is sending us a message. Fast, is the way of the world.  Two way conversations dominate the way we learn in the new world.

The writing is on the wall. Change is accelerating. The world is flatter. The authorities and experts are revealing faster and faster how little they know.

We are moving from a command factory learning broadcast style where few are assumed to have great knowledge and others wait to hear and learn from them.

Broadcasters and teachers – who lecture – are losing out to the Web learning, gossiping, two way dialogues and communication.

The more you listen to the experts and authorities, the more you see the limits of their advice and transparency.  New models of communication must be interactive dynamic and spell out the assumptions – showing worse case scenarios.

The best wealth builders are realizing the power of time, speed, the internet and digital communications. You cannot ignore your customers or your other stakeholders. You will suffer the consequences.

To build wealth, you must understand the power of tribes, communities, peer groups, interactivity, speed, time information and the flows of hot money.

In the end, fundamentals will win over manipulation lack of transparency and downright dishonesty.  The more you learn the communication style of the new world, the more opportunity you will have to build sustainable wealth.

Be patient and deliberate. Listen carefully. Do not fall for manipulative rhetoric promies. Do not make decisions based upon the world is going to fall apart. It won’t!

Roger Due

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