Steps To Becoming An Informed and Happy Collector

Written By Kaisa Kokkonen Published March 22nd, 2010

I have heard many of my friends to say that an informed collector is a happy collector. In most of their cases it translated they actually invested in their collectibles – and did really well. For instance if you had been collection rare coins last 5 years and pretty good at that – I bet anything your interest is higher than investing in stocks.

However, you must know what you’re buying and understand the best price before you purchase the item. If you are thinking about becoming a collector you must consider at least taking the steps below one way or another.

Step 1: What Do You Want To Collect and Why?

You decide what kind of items – or genre of items – you are interested in collecting, or determine if you already have three or more of a certain object. You may have begun a collection without knowing it. I have met people who had a fairly valuable collections and did not know it (cartoons, old movie posters etc)/

Step 2: Collecting Magazines or Newsletters

Strongly consider subscribing to collecting magazines or newsletters that are devoted to your future “collection”.

Step 3: Research

I would either purchase books or visit public library (NY Public Library – I MISS YOU) and do the research required to become an expert in your subject of interest. It will save you money in the long run because you’ll recognize bargains and rip-offs when you see them.

Step 4: Storage

Allocate a space in which to store the collection. It’s best if this space is easily viewed so that you can enjoy the fruits of your obsession. Purchase display cases or shelves if necessary.

Step 5: Budget

I strongly recommend you think about setting a budget so you don’t spend too much money on the collection. I would like some vintage posters myself or some vintage jewelry…only some very specific styles. I realized I had a very exclusive taste over 10 years ago when I went with my boyfriend to look at some movie posters.
I picked the best and rarest without thinking about it. I still think about a rare Rita Hayworth Gilda movie poster (oversized)!

Step 6: The Power Of Internet

You can form a loose network with other collectors and sellers by using the Internet (or newsletters if you are super active).

Step 7. Trust but Verify

Be sure to thoroughly research each item before you purchase it. Lots of frauds out there!

Step 8: Track What You Do

List all your contacts, the items in your collection and the date and cost of purchase.

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