Leadership Training – How to get famous Leadership Quotes

Written By Kaisa Kokkonen Published March 23rd, 2010

You boss just told you that as the best young leader in this company he would like you to take an active part for leadership training for the new young managers.
It is a class that teaches those managers to lead others, either in a corporate environment or more in a general sense. I can give you a good tip for a great technique to get good materials for a course like this is to get famous leadership quotes to use throughout your course. Let me give you a few steps how you can do this.

Step 1: Think Tank – Who Do You Like As A Famous Leader?

Use a little brainstorming session. What people would you like to run your leadership development training – outside yourself of course – both past and present? Make a list of these types of people. I believe you will need to make use of many of them.

Step 2. Remove the Inappropriate Famous Leaders

Based on your quick internet research – on your own knowledge – determine if any on the list are just not appropriate for the occasion.

Step 3: Library Visit Recommended

Go to your local library, talk to the librarian and look-up reference materials based on the names of the people whom you have on the list. You will find most books are guaranteed to be packed with materials you can use for your leadership development training.

Step 4. Online Scholarly Society

Some people have a strong dislike for libraries which I don’t personally understand as in my country (Finland), they were really great and the librarians were super educated and helpful. I still have very fond memories! But if you can not lower yourself to use a public library, consider becoming a member of an online scholarly society. Select one that has a periodicals database. Most periodicals databases are packed with information you can use.

Step 5. No Money To Spend – Or do NOT Want to Do That?

A good option is to do a simple Google search to find site dedicated to famous people quotations. There are multiple sites – you will be amazed. Search these sites for the people on your particular list. A lot of text on these pages will prove to be useful for leadership development training.

Step 6: Search for Leadership Quotes

OK, none of the above is something you can do, want to do and just doesn’t work. Why don’t you simply type “leadership quotes” into your browser and you will get avast list of quotes you can use for leadership development training.

Happy Leadership Training!


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