Steps to “Coaching” Success Inside You

Written By Kaisa Kokkonen Published March 25th, 2010

Is there such a thing some call DNA of Success

The fact is that success is not found somewhere out there randomly. Many of us already have what it takes to succeed in life. We areborn with all we need.

True, the American birth certificate doesn’t come with any guarantees of success, but you come perfectly well-equipped with talents, abilities, desires, and choices. Some of us may have more than the others, and some less. There is no warranty either.

As we age – I know many resent that word but is is so true -through different stages of life, we discover that there are things we really want, that we have our heart set on. Our success is guaranteed as you identify those things
and make wise(r) choices.

So Why do we Fail?

There are numerous surveys and plenty of research on the reasons some of us succeed and why some fail. We typically make the same mistakes, over and over again.
Did you ever hear the joke about what’s the definition of insanity???

Here are a few steps that identify some of the reasons for failure:

Step 1: We have no idea what we truly want.
Step 2: Our expectations are too much too soon.
Step 3: We should focus more on on the strengths, assets, and resources we have that what we are lacking.
Step 4: We move forward too soon without any plan or strategy and then quit out of frustration.
Step 5: We fail to ask for constructive feedback and make necessary course corrections.
Step 6: We don’t have, want or do not utilize mentors.
Step 7: We live in the conventional “success methodologies and self-help thinking”. Sometimes we need out-of-box….

Let’s think about this a little. How many times have you personally tried a product, plan, program, or prescribed remedy for a period of time without experiencing
the success that was supposed to change your life for better? When we never achieve the promised success, we begin to doubt ourselves.

We think, “I don’t have what it takes. There must be something wrong with me.” Worse yet, we may see ourselves as a failure.

Then what do we do at that point? You got it. Way too often, we just jump back in and repeat the same mistakes that made us fail before-only this time we really really “try harder.”

We all – or at least most of us – have remained stuck in a continuous, self-defeating cycle of effort, then failure, because we embrace a paradigm of success that simply doesn’t work.

Gary Spirer – founder of – has written quite a bit about some simple ways to begin to understand the psychology of money that is programmed inside us. Some say we need to discover the DNA of Success

Once we discover what it takes to experience happiness, success, and peace of mind -once you discover the true source of any type of success in all areas of our
lives, self-motivation becomes more or less automatic.

Most of us are able to let go of all the techniques and methods we have been taught about success and discover the way to tap into the strengths inside you.

I know Gary loves to hear stories from how YOU coached yourself to success so do let us know in the forums.


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