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Steps to conducting an interview

If you’ve started a small business, you may need to hire employees to help make your company possible. If so you will need to accept applications and conduct interviews. How will you successfully choose a candidate? How will you run the interview? Find out how.

Steps to handle angry customers

We all deal with angry customers, and if you’re running a business, you’re probably very concerned with how to treat your customers. Let’s discuss a common mistake employees make when dealing with the angry customer. By helping your team to avoid this mistake, you can save yourself a lot of stress and time.

Steps to Motivate Your Audience

According to Tom Leech (1982) of his book, How to Prepare, Stage, and Deliver Winning Presentations, there are five levels/steps that you need to motivate them to your presentation/speech. We will go through these 5 basic steps.

Elements of a Successful Leader

Successful companies are mainly successful because of their great leaders. What are some of the elements of a successful leader? How can I become a successful leader at my company? We will go through some of the elements great leaders exemplify at a successful company/organization.

Steps to get prospects for your M.L.M

How do you get prospects to your M.L.M! We will cover some steps that will help you consider various avenues in prospecting. In order to sign up/sponsor a prospect to your M.L.M, you would need a prospect in the first place. Below are some steps in gathering prospects.

Basic steps M.L.M leaders have taken to achieve their goals

What is the key to achieving success in M.L.M? What are some of the basic steps leaders in this field have taken to achieve massive amounts of success? If you study the successful leaders in M.L.M, they are successful in all aspects of their life. So, how did they get successful?

Suit your presentation to your audience

Who is your audience? Developing your presentation/speech with your audience in mind can help prevent awkward moments; and determine success.

Each individual/social group comes from a different social context. Thus, a successful presentation/speech for coworkers can be received differently from your congregation at the local church.

Combat your fear of public speaking!

Are you dreading that presentation coming up around the corner? There are many ways you can overcome your fear of public speaking AND give the BEST presentation possible.

Research has shown that public speaking is the number one fear of all Americans. However, with good strategies and preparation, you can overcome your fear of public speaking.

Make Your M.L.M Presentation A Success!

Are you presenting to with the objective to sponsor new distributors/customers for your M.L.M? Below are a few basic steps that can provide for an effective presentation for your prospects. It will be a presentation your prospects will never forget.

How to have an effective “one-on-one” meeting with a potential prospect

Now that you’ve set an appointment to meet a potential prospect, you are probably wondering how you can effectively prepare for the meeting. We will show you five basic steps to ensure an effective one-on-one meeting. However, you should also consult with your “up-line” for advice as well.

What to teach your M.L.M. Distributors

Are you training your M.L.M. distributors to succeed in M.L.M? Ensure your distributors will be successful with an excellent distributor training program. Below are some steps to include in your distributor training program. Check out other related articles on our site for more tips as well.

Pass on a Family Business: Steps To Consider To Avoid Pitfalls

Keeping a business in the family isn’t for the sensitive types -even Donald Trump must have his moments of doubt. In fact only approximately a third of family-owned businesses succeed under a second generation of ownership and the survival rate drops to about 10 percent when the third generation takes over. However, it is also […]

Steps to M.L.M. SUCCESS!

Do you want to be successful in Multi-Level Marketing (M.L.M.)? Here are a few steps that will open up your horizons to unlimited possibilities for your career/life.

Coach your team to SUCCESS!

Does your work/class/sports team need some “pizzazz” in their work/education/sports? Sometimes, we need to educate our team about the core elements for fundamental success. These basic elements/steps can be applied to nearly every field out there. No one is born with the “tools” to succeed in life. Thus, you have to help your team develop these “tools” and apply them to succeed in life.

How is your website faring? Track your visitors with Google Analytics!

Google Analytics is one of many great ways to track who visits your site and obtain detailed information about your visitors. The detailed information provided by Google Analytics will help you determine how your site is faring; what is attracting your web-surfers; and how you can improve your site.

Catch that Web-Surfer! Bring Traffic to Your Website

Every website needs a consistent/increasing traffic flow in order for it to flourish. According to Matthew MacDonald, a well-known programmer and author, in order for your site to flourish, you would need to find the best way to attract visitors and keep them flocking back for more.

Do you overspend each month? Then, let’s stop that bad habit!

Every dollar you overspend each month can be saved for your future goals/dreams. Below are some detailed steps to stop your unhealthy repetitive behavior of overspending.

Save Money! Get Rid of Your Credit Card Debt.

Do you have credit cards? Your credit card debt is most likely affecting your ability to save money. So, let’s start saving money by getting rid of all that debt. We’ll show you how.

Don’t Know How to Start Saving Money? Then, Read This Article!

Did you ever feel you just weren’t able to save money; and didn’t know where to start? We’ll show you some small steps you can take to start saving some money right away. Taking these small steps should show you a difference within a month. Ultimately, it can lead you to bigger savings in the future. See below for instructions.

Do You Have a Dream You Want to Achieve? Then, Start Mapping Out Your Money Goals!

Setting your money goals will help ensure that you will achieve them. A detailed, step-by-step plan will guarantee your achievement of your money goals.

So what are some benefits of mapping out your money goals?

Steps to getting a small business loan

At some point your business may require a loan to sustain rough periods or low cash cycles. A small business loan can help. Here’s how.

Naming Your Website

If you run a small business, you probably are going to want to have a website for your business.

Step 1. Get a website
Websites allow your customers to find out important information about your company.

Measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign!

Are you having trouble measuring your campaign’s effectiveness? Are you uncertain about how many of your Twitter followers are being converted to buying consumers of your product lines? Look no further to find out how you can begin tracking your campaign effectiveness.

Get headline styles that attract readers

Are you losing hundred of thousands of hits per week due to ineffective headlines that do not appeal to your visitors. Look no further. Here’s how to turn your situation around.

Steps to choosing the right color of your brand

Are you trying to find the right color for your brand, logo, or website. Look no further. Below is a quick guideline to color schemes.

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