Get headline styles that attract readers

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

Are you losing hundred of thousands of hits per week due to ineffective headlines that do not appeal to your visitors. Look no further. Here’s how to turn your situation around.

Step 1. Consider your content.

Read any headline and you’ll find that the headline is a precursor to what is in the ensuing article or blog. Content is king and the headline is the gateway to content. Before writing attention-grabbing headlines, consider what are the main points that you would like to convey to your audience. By doing so, developing sizzling headlines is much easier and the headline will correlate to the actual article or blog content. Headlines define content and must explain what the content is about. Readers will bypass your work if the headline does not relate to the first sentence of content.

Step 2. Consider keywords that speak to a wider audience.

Differentiate yourself by choosing keywords that separate you from the millions of other headlines out there. Consider choosing key words that appeal to a wide set of readers. For example, suppose you are writing about housing prices and locations. Consider the headline: Cheap homes versus expensive homes. Now consider this headline instead: Where are the World’s Most Expensive Homes, or The World’s Least Expensive Locations. The latter two headlines speak to a larger number of people and immediately indicate what the content will revolve around. More people want to know what are the more expensive places to live and the housing markets for such locations rather than just a comparison list as the first headline indicates.

Step 3. Solve human and social problems in your headlines.

Consider that human beings want to read articles or blogs to learn something that is unknown. Hence by understanding what a reader care about and the basic issues that often get read, you can craft meaningful an highly sought after headlines. Humans generally like to read about money, love, crime, death, and social issues. Other useful headline keywords to consider are guarantee, results, and save.

Try this and see the difference. Remember with so much information and headlines out there, you need to stand out to grab the attention of readers.

Roger Due

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