Measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign!

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

Are you having trouble measuring your campaign’s effectiveness? Are you uncertain about how many of your Twitter followers are being converted to buying consumers of your product lines? Look no further to find out how you can begin tracking your campaign effectiveness.

Step 1. Measure your social media marketing programs.

Consider the impact of your social media campaign on your business. Often business owners use social media to promote their good and services without considering the impact on the bottom line. Visit Your Social Media Score and answer the free online questionnaire to your social media metric number and see what your marketing campaign is really doing for you.

Step 2. Measure any changes in your list of customers.

Use Mashable, which is a social media news and tracking portal to gain insight into how to determine your customer’s buying habits at your site. Also, put together a list of followers, friends, and fans across all of the social media outlets you engage in. Continuously update the list to notice if there are any increases or decreases in participation at any of the social media sites.

Step 3. Apply tracking software to your social media posts.

Apply tracking software, such as and, to links in your social media posts for free. These tools compile viable statistics regarding the popularity of your links. This information can guide you as to what topics you should cover more frequently in future posts.

Step 4. Use Twitter Search and Google Alerts

Know when your business is mentioned anywhere by using Twitter Search or Google Alerts. By doing so, you can quickly respond in a timely manner to comments about your product line and to what the community says about your organization.

Step 5. Find a like minded-community that is responsive to you.

Know that users select what they listen to and what they choose to engage in. That is why it is critical that you find a like-minded community for your organizational mission and target your posts and network accordingly. For example, if you want to communicate to the tweens that use your products, then use Facebook to do so. Consider setting up promotions and contests on your Facebook page to build further support.

Try this and see the improvement in your business. Remember, reaching out is not enough. Connecting is the only way.

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