Basic steps M.L.M leaders have taken to achieve their goals

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

What is the key to achieving success in M.L.M? What are some of the basic steps leaders in this field have taken to achieve massive amounts of success? If you study the successful leaders in M.L.M, they are successful in all aspects of their life. So, how did they get successful?

It started with one step. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” –Old Chinese saying.


Step 1.
*Set goals for yourself*

What is it that you want to achieve? When do you want to achieve it by? List all the goals you want to achieve in M.L.M, along with your other types of goals. For example, you might have financial goals, family goals, health goals, etc.

Step 2.
*Visualize achieving your goals.*

Find yourself a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes, and visualize the details of achieving your goals. Focus on your visualization. Practice your visualization every day. Set a time to focus on your goal visualization. If you find yourself having a difficult time visualizing or focusing, there are guided CDs, MP3s available for you at the bookstores, iTunes, etc.

Step 3.
*Educate yourself on how you can achieve your goals*
Opportunities do come into our lives. However, sometimes we miss out on these opportunities, because we weren’t aware that they were opportunities. Thus, educate yourself on ways to achieve your goals. Read-up on successful people; stories of rags-to-riches; and the various ways you can improve on your weaknesses.

Step 4.
*Surround yourself with your own set of cheerleaders.*
If you already have your own set of cheerleaders within your family and circle of friends, you don’t have to make any changes. The support from these people will take you to the top!

However, if you are surrounded with negative people/naysayers, it would be best to get out of that circle. You can seek your “up-line” and “down-line” for positive people who will support you. Surround yourself with people in the M.L.M business. These people know about the importance of being positive. Share your goals with them, and grow successful with them.

Overall, these are the basic steps successful M.L.M leaders have taken to achieve their goals. Specifics on the steps can be discovered with Step 3 of Education. Read about them and learn the specifics of their success.
Now that you’ve learned about the basic steps to reach success, start applying the steps right now! Let’s get started!

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