Coach your team to SUCCESS!

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

Does your work/class/sports team need some “pizzazz” in their work/education/sports? Sometimes, we need to educate our team about the core elements for fundamental success. These basic elements/steps can be applied to nearly every field out there. No one is born with the “tools” to succeed in life. Thus, you have to help your team develop these “tools” and apply them to succeed in life.


Step 1.
*Plan for success! Set goals for your team.*
Set goals for success with your team. When you set off on a trip/journey, you plan out where you will go and what you will do. Similarly, this is your work/educational/sports journey. If you don’t set any goals, your team will wander aimlessly, and most likely get “lost.”

Step 2.
*Give personal, weekly feedback to your team members. *
This will motivate your team to work harder and believe in themselves. Positive feedback will build your team member’s self-esteem. According to Rick Pintino, a famous basketball coach and author, “Whether you’re a coach, employee or coworker, it’s difficult to work with people with a low self-esteem, because they tend to be emotionally fragile and conditioned for failure.”

Step 3.
*Give weekly feedback on areas your team members can improve on.*
This will be each of your team member’s mini-goals. Achieving their mini-goals will help them ultimately achieve their BIG Goals from Step 1. It would also be helpful to communicate this fact to the team members on their feedback.

Step 4.
*Education is the key to SUCCESS! Teach your team about some concepts that can change their lives.*

Teach your team about the importance of having a positive attitude/outlook in life; and the “art of repetition.” There will be situations in life that will affect your team members. Teaching them about how they can take a positive outlook on the situations of their day-to-day life can help them overall. Likewise, teaching them about “repetitious behavior” in these situations can help them realize that repetitively choosing a positive attitude will make it second nature to them.

Step 5.
*Encourage your team to find role models; and to seek motivational books/seminars*

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We can learn from other people who are successful. Read about people who have gone from rags to riches; attend seminars such as ours; and find role models whom you identify as having traits that you want to emulate.

Step 6.
*Teach your team to never give-up.*
Teach your team to be persistent with their dreams. When you are faced with adversity, learn from it, and let it become a stepping stone to success. Never give-up! It’s always easy to become a One-Day Champion. However, to be successful your whole life, you would have to face adversity and be persistent.

Overall, these steps will require a lot of work on your part as the “coach” and your team members. However, as the popular quote states: “There is no gain, with no pain.” Apply the above steps, add more steps, and watch your team succeed in every area of their life.

So, let’s get started! This is the beginning to their great new lives.

Roger Due

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