Combat your fear of public speaking!

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

Are you dreading that presentation coming up around the corner? There are many ways you can overcome your fear of public speaking AND give the BEST presentation possible.

Research has shown that public speaking is the number one fear of all Americans. However, with good strategies and preparation, you can overcome your fear of public speaking.

Below are some steps that will help you overcome your fear of public speaking.


Step 1.
*Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!*
Prepare for your presentation. Gather your information on the topic you will present; and organize your ideas. Preparation is the key to all successes in life!

Step 2.
*Practice your presentation/speech with others.*

Practice your presentation/speech with family and friends. Or use a video camera and note areas where you can improve on your presentation/speech. Remember the famous quote: “Practice makes perfect!”

Step 3.
*Attempt to practice in an environment that is similar to the environment where you will be presenting/speaking.*

A familiar room/environment will make a big difference. It will lessen your anxiety; and it will give you the same “feel” as when you were practicing.

Step 4.
*Visualize and Manifest SUCCESS!*

Find yourself a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes, and visualize yourself giving the speech/presentation from start to finish. See yourself as being confident and competent. Mentally go through every step of your presentation/speech; and see your audience clapping/cheering for you at the end. Visualize a successful presentation/speech and Manifest it!

Step 5.
*Have a good night’s sleep the night before the BIG DAY.*

You are now prepared and ready for the BIG DAY. Get a good night’s sleep and wake-up the next morning refreshed. If you can’t sleep because of the jitters, check out our article on ways address your insomnia/jitters.

Step 6.
*Have a light breakfast with a minimal amount of coffee (if you are a regular coffee drinker).*

Too much coffee will make you jittery. No breakfast can also make you jittery. However, a heavy breakfast can make you sleepy.

Step 7.
*Present/Speak Successfully!*

You’ve prepared for this moment. It should be a SUCCESS!

Overall, the above steps should help you prepare for presenting/speaking in front of others. Practice does make perfect. If this is your first of what will be many public speaking engagements, your repetitive preparation and success will become second nature in no time.

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