Elements of a Successful Leader

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

Successful companies are mainly successful because of their great leaders. What are some of the elements of a successful leader? How can I become a successful leader at my company? We will go through some of the elements great leaders exemplify at a successful company/organization.


Step 1.
*Successful leaders take responsibility for the development of other leaders.*

A successful leader trains other individuals in the company to become great leaders. He/she takes direct responsibility for the development of other leaders in the organization. This is to ensure the company’s success even when the “top leader” is not around. Any company can be successful for a year or so. However, a truly successful company is one that can stand the test and be around for years to come. In order to have such a company, the “top leader” should nurture the development of other leaders in the organization.

Step 2.
*Successful leaders realize education is KEY.*

Successful leaders are great learners AND teachers. They are avid readers on businesses in their field, training, success, etc. They also teach other people in the company ways to improve the company/organization; and how to develop other leaders.

Step 3.
*Successful leaders perceive stumbling stones as a “teachable moments” *
Everyone hits a stumbling stone on the road to success. Successful leaders are no different. However, successful leaders perceive stumbling stones as a “teachable moment.” They use that stumbling stone as a stepping stone to their higher success.

Step 4.
*Successful leaders invest a lot of time in developing other leaders.*
As noted in Step 1, successful leaders note the importance of developing/nurturing other leaders in the company. Thus, they invest a lot of time in this area.

Step 5.
*Successful leaders have great coaching techniques*

With all of the above steps implemented by the successful leader, the successful leader has a wealth of knowledge on effective coaching techniques. He/she knows how to nurture a shy novice to the company, into becoming a great leader for the company. With all of the education, time, etc. the successful leader has invested, he/she has a proven track in developing great leaders in the company.

Overall, these are some of the basic elements that exemplify a successful leader at a successful company/organization. We probably do not personally know a successful leader in our social circle yet. However, with the characteristics listed above, we can apply the above steps in becoming a successful leader ourselves. With education, we can learn more about other successful leaders, and the specific details of how they develop great leadership skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started in reading the various articles/books to become great leaders!

Roger Due

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