Steps to Motivate Your Audience

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

According to Tom Leech (1982) of his book, How to Prepare, Stage, and Deliver Winning Presentations, there are five levels/steps that you need to motivate them to your presentation/speech. We will go through these 5 basic steps.

To motivate people, present your message so that it addressed their pressing needs and interests. People listen to what affects them and respond to what promises to enrich them in those area. –Tom Leech


Step 1.
*Make sure your audience is listening to you.*

If you’ve prepared well for the presentation/speech, your audience should be listening to you. One important element that is important for you to consider prior to your speech, is your audience. Review the article about surveying who your audience is on this website.

Step 2.
*Present your speech/presentation in a way that your audience will understand you.*
This step relates to Step 1. As mentioned in Step 1, if you’ve reviewed the article on audience analysis via this website, this step should already have been addressed when you were preparing your speech/presentation.

Step 3.
*Get your audience to believe you. *

If you are presenting a product or M.L.M, it is important that you believe in the products and business yourself. Thus, it is important to be an expert about your products and business. If you don’t believe in the product or business, don’t waste your time trying to convince others to believe in it. Your attitude/belief will definitely show.

Step 4.
*Make sure your audience will be able to retain what you’ve presented.*

A great way to address this step is to prepare handouts for your audience. The audience can take the handouts home with them, and review it again later that day/night. Make sure to include your contact information, so that they can reach you for questions, etc. about the presentation.

Step 5.
*Make sure your presentation helps your audience to do and to act.*

If you are presenting an issue about the depleting rain forest and the need of funds, then ask your audience to give a small donation as they leave the hall. Or, if you are presenting information about M.L.M business opportunities/products, then give your audience a chance to sign up as a distributor and/or buy a product. Audiences gather at presentations because they have a personal reason for attending. They could have refused to attend; or not attend at all. Thus, if you’ve presented the topic/issue well, if you ask your audience to act/do, they will most likely act/do.

Overall, all of the steps above can help you motivate your audience to your presentation/speech. However, as you can see in the steps, it is always important to study and prepare for the presentation/speech. Although the steps provide the basics to what you need to do to capture your audience, there are additional hidden steps you must do to ensure your audience will be motivated. Studying and reading up on various presentation articles, etc. will most likely help you get prepare for your presentation/speech. –So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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