How to have an effective “one-on-one” meeting with a potential prospect

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

Now that you’ve set an appointment to meet a potential prospect, you are probably wondering how you can effectively prepare for the meeting. We will show you five basic steps to ensure an effective one-on-one meeting. However, you should also consult with your “up-line” for advice as well.


Step 1.
*Set at least 60 minutes to present your information.*
You should set ample time to present your information and offer a question & answer session with your prospect.

Step 2.
*Be excited about your product/business.*

Your excitement will transfer to your prospect. Have you noticed how one person’s bad mood can change the atmosphere of a room within a few minutes? If you are excited about your product/business, your prospect will start to feel the excitement as well. In some cases, your excitement can sell the product/business to your prospect.

Step 3.
*Let your prospect know that there is “no obligation” for the meeting.*
Setting a “no obligation” rule will help your prospect realize that this business isn’t just for anybody. It will also ignite “natural” interest, if he/she is interested in your product/business.

Step 4.
*Close your meeting with your objective for the meeting.*
If you wanted to give your prospect a sample of a new product, then do that, and close the meeting. Or, if you wanted to schedule your prospect to attend a presentation, then do that, and close the meeting. You want to leave the meeting with having met your objective for the meeting. (If you wanted to sign your prospect up for the business, see the article on successful presentations for M.L.M. It will give you an idea of how to “close the deal.”).

Overall, these steps should serve as a guideline for an effective “one-on-one” meeting with your prospect. Everyone has their own ideas, so adapt the steps accordingly. Consult your “up-line” as well.

The important factor in meeting with your prospect is to enjoy yourself. The mood/attitude of the distributor does make a big difference in how a business/product is perceived by the prospect. If you show excitement during your presentation/meeting, your prospect will feel it, and believe something exciting is definitely happening in your life. He/she will most likely believe it’s a result of the business/product. Trust me one this one. I’ve been there on both sides of the meeting.

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