Make Your M.L.M Presentation A Success!

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

Are you presenting to with the objective to sponsor new distributors/customers for your M.L.M? Below are a few basic steps that can provide for an effective presentation for your prospects. It will be a presentation your prospects will never forget.


Step 1.
*Prior to the Presentation: Individually meet all of your prospects and show them you “care.”*
Arrive at the presentation location early, and greet each prospect with attention and rapport. This will show your prospects your appreciation for their attendance; and help them to relax. Note that relaxation is important. According to Maxwell Maltz of the popular book, Cybernetics, people are not open to change unless they are in a relaxed state.

Step 2.
*Find out what your prospects are interested in.*
When your prospects agreed to attend your presentation, they must have had a general idea on what will be presented. They must have also had a personal interest to attend your presentation. Talk to your prospects and learn what initiated their attendance. Then, present your presentation in that angle. Most of the time, prospects attend presentations with financial hopes and interests.

Step 3.
*During your presentation, be excited about your product/business.*

Your excitement will transfer to your prospects. Have you noticed how one person’s bad mood can change the atmosphere of a room within a few minutes? If you are excited about your product/business, your prospect will start to feel the excitement as well. In some cases, your excitement can sell the product/business to your prospect.

Step 4.
*After your presentation, offer your prospects a choice.*

Having presented your information about the business/product, give your prospects a choice. Ask them, “Do you see yourself enjoying and benefiting from the products? And/or taking advantage of the business?”
Since your objective of the presentation is to sponsor others and/or obtain customers, you do not want to offer your prospects a “yes/no” answer choice. Offer them a choice of the business and/or product. In the end, you will have met your objectives for the presentation.

Step 5.
*Assure your prospects that they’ve made the “right choice.*
Some of us have “buyer’s remorse” when we spend some money. However, when we are assured that we’ve made the right choice, we tend to feel good about our decision. Thus, compliment your prospect and assure him/her that you will work with him/her to achieve a successful M.L.M future. Keep your promise.

Overall, these basic presentation steps will guide you to closing your “deal” with your prospect. However, note here that the most important aspect of the presentation is your knowledge of the products and business. As mentioned in the other articles, if you don’t believe in your products/business, how can you expect others to believe in your products/business as well? Also, learn to become a “Master Presenter” to assure your success!

So, what are you waiting for? There are so many various elements that are needed for success in the above steps. Study everything that is needed and prepare right away!

Roger Due

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