Steps to conducting an interview

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

If you’ve started a small business, you may need to hire employees to help make your company possible. If so you will need to accept applications and conduct interviews. How will you successfully choose a candidate? How will you run the interview? Find out how.

Step 1 Think of the future

Remember that the way you come across in your initial interview will likely set the tone for how your future employee views and interacts with you. Be sure to think of your image upfront and be clear about the mission and goals of your organization. Also consider what this individual before you will really bring to the company as you review applications.

Step 2 Review the applicants

Before the interview, review each application and resume. This will provide you with information about the person’s background and allow you to develop appropriate background questions. When the applicant enters the room, putting them at ease will probably be good for both of you.

Step 3 Consider your image

You may feel that you need to come across as a hard and tough boss but this is not necessarily the case. You want your future employees to come to you with ideas and build a sense of loyalty. Toughness will not necessarily ensure this type of behavior.

Step 4 Ask questions.

Find out about their past work history, what they learned and what their strong points are. Ask them if they’ve researched your company and why it is that they want to work with you. Don’t cross any legal boundaries in your questioning. For example, you are not supposed to ask if they are married or have children – allow them to offer up this information if they do so choose.

Step 5 End the interview

Conclude the interview with a thank you and a handshake. Let the person know that after reviewing the other applicants you will get back to them.

It’s that simple. Remember, the person you hire can impact your organization based on your interview. Please visit for more great business advice.

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