Suit your presentation to your audience

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

Who is your audience? Developing your presentation/speech with your audience in mind can help prevent awkward moments; and determine success.

Each individual/social group comes from a different social context. Thus, a successful presentation/speech for coworkers can be received differently from your congregation at the local church.

So, what should you consider about your audience? Below are some steps that will help you analyze/assess your audience for your presentation.


Step 1.
*What are the demographics of your audience?*

What is the age-range of your audience? Is your audience predominantly one gender? What is the educational level of your audience? These factors can influence language choices; and examples used in your presentation. For example, if your audience is predominantly comprised of individuals with college and postgraduate degrees, you might want to consider presenting with complex languages and research statistics, etc.

Step 2.
*What common values does your audience share?*

For example, are they individuals who all belong to a local Christian congregation? Or maybe they are a group of conservatives. If you are going to present a topic on abortion to these groups, you would want to consider their common stand on the issue.

Step 3.
*Think about the reason why this audience decided to listen to you.*

What is there interest for your presentation? Are they gathering at the town hall to hear you speak, because you are a well-known financial planner?

Step 4.
*What are your audience’s expectations for your presentation?*

This step is similar to Step 3. However, other additional questions to consider are:
1. Do they expect a Question & Answer type of presentation?
2. Does your audience expect you to be formal or casual?
3. Is your audience expecting you to sell something to them?

Overall, with all of the information you’ve gathered about your audience, you can start to prepare your presentation/speech. Details about your audience will help you prepare a presentation that will be well-received by your audience. It can also prevent any “disasters” and/or awkward moments. Ultimately, it will be a successful presentation.

So, let’s get started in preparing a great presentation!

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