What to teach your M.L.M. Distributors

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 26th, 2010

Are you training your M.L.M. distributors to succeed in M.L.M? Ensure your distributors will be successful with an excellent distributor training program. Below are some steps to include in your distributor training program. Check out other related articles on our site for more tips as well.


Step 1.
*Teach your distributors to become product experts.*

Your distributors should be able to identify their products; and be their own number one customer. How would they be able to convince others about the great quality of their products if they haven’t used it or even love it? Becoming an expert of the strengths of each product will help your distributor make a sales call.

Step 2.
*Prospect! Prospect! Prospect!*
These days, there are social network sites, such as FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace, on the internet. These sites can help the distributor to prospect with interested individuals. There are also video chatting programs such as Skype that can facilitate in prospecting. All of these are great avenues the current M.L.M. distributor has access to, when compared to the phone and face-to-face method that was available 20 years ago.

Step 3.
*Sold! By a Presentation: Help your distributors to present presentations to their prospects.*

This step is contingent on Step 1; and on having a thorough knowledge about the business. If you feel your distributor is not ready, show him/her some presentations, and have him/her replicate it. Help him/her to practice! Practice! Practice!

Step 4.
*Teach your distributors how to deal with objections*
As in all businesses, there will be objections at presentations/meetings. Here, guide your distributors to address the objections with the vast knowledge they’ve accumulated from studying their products and the business. Of course, there will be some prospects/individuals, who will be a naysayer to the end. In these cases, advise your distributors to be aware of such individuals; and to not get emotionally involved in the “argument.” Let them consider the event as having been a great opportunity to test their knowledge.

Step 5.
*Teach your distributor to ALWAYS: Follow-up and Follow-Through.*
Every business knows that their customers are number one; and that the customer provides the livelihood of the business. Thus, if a customer has a complaint, follow-up and follow-through.

Step 6.
*Advise your distributors to attend Local and National M.L.M. meetings.*
These meetings will motivate your distributors; and keep them up-to-date about the business and products.

Overall, training your distributors with the above steps will help them head towards a successful path in M.L.M. No one is born with the “tools” to succeed in M.L.M. Thus, providing an excellent training program and advice, will help your distributors to develop and apply the “tools” for success.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start developing the training program for your distributors!

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