The Sun Will Shine Again

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 27th, 2010


I really received a wonderful gift today that I want to share with you.

If you have been feeling down and out over the economy, your finances, your health, your relationships, your children, your job or business, I can tell you I’ve been there.

There’s nothing like feeling like the world is passing you by. That dream you had is dying like a raisin the sun as the poet Langston Hughes said.

To whom do you turn when you can’t stand listening to yourself anymore?

Your purpose comes from God. We need to do God’s work. We have to find our God-given purpose and pursue it.

Now, there’s someone that you may or may not know who is pursuing his God-given purpose. But, it wasn’t easy. No, it was not easy for him. You see, he left his home in Ohio. His dream was to be a writer. He decided to go to the big city of Dallas. He had $1,000 – his entire savings – in his pocket and gave it to a company that advertised to guarantee he’d have a job in a week or two paying big bucks to build pipelines in Alaska or the Middle East.

Well, you might have guessed, the company went under. He was dead broke. He slept in church pews, the steps of a post office and in a bus station. He was homeless.

His family would welcome him back but he was too proud. He wanted to rant against the world. Downtrodden, he was a living eyesore. A mere shadow of the young man he had envisioned being only a short while ago. But, he dug deep within himself.

He was determined to lift himself out of the gutter of life and get out of poverty which struck at his being.

He had all the reasons, the excuses and the alibis to quit. Wasn’t he a victim of theft? He was duped out of his life’s savings.

He went to the library and flipped through self help books. He scrambled, taking odd jobs. But, he always focused on his vision to be an author of books to “make people happy and stay inspired.” Like putting a magnifying glass to the sun, he gathered his thoughts and burned through obstacle after obstacle.

He said, “Thank God I stuck around. Had I left early, I would have missed a life of magic and wonder, success and fame I had never dreamed of before, priceless relationships, and experiences and much more…I know what it is like to struggle and I know what it’s like to succeed.”

This is the gift that he gave me today that I am quoting from him.

His name is Joe Vitale, an author of 57 books, speaker, writer, filmed in The Secret and The Compass.

Joe visited with me and gave me this incredible story of rags to riches called Attract Money Now.

He lays out a 7 step formula to attract money and wealth into your life. But, here’s what I believe brings home Joe’s authenticity: “Attracting money requires action and focus…unless we take the necessary steps to change our lives, we will attract obstacles and problems that block our path to success.”

And here’s what he pointed out to me, “The difference between wealth and money is that wealth is what you have left when you don’t have any money or your money has been taken…you may have a wealth of love, wealth in your spiritual life or many other avenues that don’t have anything to do with physical cash in the bank.”

Dr. Joe Vitale’s book Attract Money Now is a gift I want to share with you. It’s all about hope, belief and love of yourself first. Be your own best friend. Know you have a God-given purpose.

There’s a lot of wealth out there. Count your blessings.

As Joe said to me, the sun will shine again.

To your success.

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  1. Much like usual you have provided several wonderful information and facts. Been a lurker on the site for some time and needed to say thanks to you for finding the time to create it.

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