Steps to determine a name for your business

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 28th, 2010

You may be self-employed but that does not necessarily mean you have a name for your business. Find out how to know when to choose a name.

Step 1 Know when to name your business

If you work and interact with clients on a regular basis you should probably name your business even if it just consists of you and your services. Naming your business can help you grow as you will be better able to brand and market yourself.

Step 2 Learn how to choose a name

It might seem simple, but there’s much to consider when choosing a name for your small business, and you may want to write down as many possibilities as you can before making your final selection. First,
make sure the name of your company clearly communicates the kind of goods or services you offer. The name should also be easy to pronounce and spell; it shouldn’t be too long and preferably, should roll right off the tongue. You can be catchy and creative but make sure that the name you choose for your business is evergreen. You don’t want it to get old or become outdated a few years down the line…after all, you intend on running your business for more than just a few years, right?

Step 3 Stay out of trouble

Also, you can’t use the name of any existing business. In many cases, you can get in legal trouble if the name of your business is even a variation of a recognizable brand. You can search the U.S.
Patent and Trademark Office website to find out if the name of your business is already taken by someone else.

It’s that simple. Remember, its all in a name. Please visit for more great business advice.

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