Steps to starting an online business – don’t make these mistakes

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 29th, 2010

So you want to start a business. You may know your product and service well, but if you don’t be careful not to make some simple mistakes with regard to your business you may struggle more than you need to or spend money that didn’t need to be spent in the first place. You also don’t want to sell yourself short in areas that could help you make money.

Step 1 Don’t ignore your business website

Don’t make the mistake of pushing your business website to the way-side. Having a good, easy to navigate website is very important. You should find a talented web designer and really plan out your website so that it is attractive and effective.

Step 2 Don’t forget to develop a good marketing team for search engine optimization (SEO)

Businesses also often forget to have a good online marketing team. You need a good mix of people that understand technical aspects of online marketing and people that understand the creativity and have the ability to process effective content. Another thing to consider is that traditional marketing and online marketing are different. Your marketing team needs to understand concepts like SEO and site rankings. They should also have an understanding of social media because that is a driving force behind many of today’s successful businesses.

Step 3 Don’t procrastinate the testing of your website regularly

Make sure that you optimize and test your website regularly. This is a common mistake some new business owners make – they don’t update, check and moderate their website. They also don’t use good SEO practices. If you are not sure about SEO, you can hire a team.

It’s that simple. Remember, your website determines the success of your online business. Please visit for more great business advice.

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  1. Verna Trowel says:

    I do exactly the same thing. I don’t blame you for not commenting if you think you’re not going to add something new to the discussion.

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