Steps to Networking – Step 11: Fate, coincidence and luck

Written By Rick Frishman Published April 1st, 2010

STEP 11: Fate, coincidence and luck

We’ve called this book Networking Magic in deference to the fact that networking often produces baffling and mysterious outcomes. Networking can send us soaring to heights that we might never have scaled by ourselves and launch us off in directions that we never have imagined. The title of this book also conjures up the frequent intervention of events that we can’t control, but which we can prepare for, recognize and capitalize on when they occur.


In 1982, Stanton Royce was a single father of children aged eight and three living in a small Ohio Valley steel town. He wanted to find a wife, but realized that his local options were limited. So he created a public relations campaign that he hoped would attract national media attention to his quest for a wife. He invested his meager budget on advertisements in two local newspapers, a billboard and a local radio show that reached West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Sure enough, the local media picked up Royce’s story and he received extensive coverage.

A woman in Pennsylvania saw Royce on a Wheeling, West Virginia news broadcast and contacted a friend abroad. Her friend told her coworker about Royce, who told her sister, who introduced him to the woman who became his wife. Royce and his wife, who is a physician and “an incredible person,” have now been happily married for over 19 years.

Expect the unexpected. No one knows how things will develop or where they will land. The best-laid plans, the most detailed preparation may fail; the most heartfelt, well-intentioned promises may not be fulfilled. Life, serendipity, the universe, call it what you will, has an amazing way of changing the most well-thought-out plans. When this occurs, and you can be sure that it will, trust your instincts and, when necessary, adjust your focus. When the unexpected strikes, it may be time to move in new directions.

Put your faith in people, ask for their help because they love to help. They love a good story, they love happy endings and when given the chance, will do more than their part to create that perfect ending. When you ask for help, most people are flattered; they feel closer to you and believe that they have an investment in your success.

Put it out there. Give people the chance to help because that’s when the magic happens. Wonderful, marvelous, greater than expected bonuses occur when you let your friends in, when you let the world in and when you let the world work its magic. Position yourself to experience the magic. Inform your friends and network partners about your needs and allow them to help.

Adjust your attitude:

• Be optimistic. See everything as an opportunity or a step that could lead to a break
• Be positive. See everyone as a potential ally, a network partner with whom you can provide mutual help
• Remain flexible. No matter how committed or involved you are to a specific strategy, method or approach, be open to its failure and some back-up plans. Like good door-to-door salespeople, carry a number of products in your sample case.
• Have alternatives. Realize that other options might be more realistic or productive
• Be alert. Don’t simply lose yourself so deeply in you endeavors that you can’t recognize the warnings signs. Pay attention to those you speak with and learn to recognize danger signs.
• Monitor developments. Constantly monitor your situation and make necessary adjustments when appropriate.
• Be grateful and express it. Appreciate the efforts of others and make sure to tell them how thankful you are. Actively look for ways to express your appreciation.

Fate, coincidence and luck can also hand you gifts, unexpected bounties, manna from above. Develop your skills, increase your expertise and frequent places filled with rain-makers. Place your self in places and situations where you can demonstrate your talents in the best light to help those miracles along. Keep learning; remain active, involved and productive. If you simply sit around and expect to be discovered, bring plenty of reading material because you may have an awfully long, lonely wait.

(Excerpted from NETWORKING MAGIC: Making Connections That Will Change Your Life By Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin With Mark Steisel)

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