Steps to Networking – Step 2: Networking Exercise

Written By Rick Frishman Published April 1st, 2010

“A network is an organized collection of your personal contacts and your personal contacts’ own contacts.” HARVEY MACKAY, AUTHOR

The night that Sara and Mark moved into their new home, Patsy and Jay dropped by with containers of take-out food, plastic utensils, a bottle of wine, plastic cups and a large manila folder. They placed the food and drinks on a makeshift table that they fashioned from several unopened cartons, convinced the newcomers to take a well-earned break from unpacking and they all sat down to an inaugural meal.

After polishing off dessert, Jay handed the new homeowners the manila folder, which contained a computer disk, four refrigerator magnets and a long list. The list, which Patsy designed, was attractive enough to be displayed on the fridge and the disk could be downloaded to Mark and Sara’s computers and synched to their Palm Pilots®. Both the print and electronic versions were laid out in four easy-to-read columns and set forth the categories, names, phone numbers and brief comments about Patsy and Jay’s favorite resources. They included the names of restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner and take out; doctors; a pharmacy; dentist; veterinarian; market; hardware store; toy store; jeweler; boutiques; photograph developer; nursery; dry cleaner; tailor; shoemaker; plumber; electrician; gardener; computer repairer; handy man; appliance repairer; beautician; barber; babysitters; etc.

Emergencies (Police, Fire and Ambulance) 911
Police (non-emergencies) 555-1212
St. Vincent’s Hospital 555-1730


Accounting Marlena Weinstein 555-1040 Works wonders, most accommodating
Alterations Stitches 555-7755 Fast and reliable, but a bit costly
Appliance repair Whiz Kids 555-9300 Fixes anything in the home, reasonable
Auto repair Northgate Auto 555-0046 Good work, foreign and domestic. Expensive
Baby sitting Maggie Lloyd 555-3365 Kids love her, but needs lots of notice
Cable TV Gougers 555-9919
Computer repair Fearless Computing 555-7893 Will drop everything in an emergency
Dentist Alissa Yabara 555-9753 Painless, light touch
Doctor Lawrence Sklar 555-3000 Great bedside manner. Really cares
Dry cleaning Maxibright Cleaners 555-6060 Good, fast. Rough on shirt buttons
Electrician Alvin Shock 555-4121 Excellent work, but in great demand
Gardener Green Brothers 555-3131 Reliable, but need direction, explain what you want
Home repairs Manelli Construction 555-7658 Busy, hard to book, but does great work
Housecleaner Maria Trujillo 555-0981 Thorough, reliable and absolutely trustworthy
Lawyer Peter P. Frunzi, Jr. 555-4654 Quick to return calls and is sharp
Limo service Midnight Blue 555-5171 The best we’ve ever used
Phone company AT&T 555-3333
Plumber Mackey Stickney 555-9922 Gets to you quickly, does a good job, cleans up
Realtor Lon Murphy & Co. 555-9898 Knows his stuff, fun to deal with
Taxi service Speedy’s Cabs 555-1111 OK. Could use newer cabs
Tree service Alex’s Tree Service 555-8490 Reasonable and leaves everything neat and trim
Yard Work/hauling Hall and Hall 555-2136 Excellent for getting rid of all sorts of junk


Breakfast Willie’s Café 555-5511 Best eggs in town!
Lunch Comforts 555-2300 Great salads, light dishes with oriental flavor
Dinner Thai House 555-7070 Delicious and inexpensive. Great take out
Enrico’s Ristorante 555-3343 You will think you’re in Roma. Fabulous oysters
Joe’s Taco Lounge 555-2233 Good, quick and inexpensive. Try the Lava Soda
American Pie 555-1919 First-rate burgers and amazing ribs
Major occasions Chez Mirabelle 555-3331 Trey expensive, but perfect for special evenings
Café Café de Stijl 555-3737 Great scene, lots of celebs and terrific, light food
Take out Hot Stuff 555-9876 Always call ahead, the lines are endless
Pizza Vincent’s Pizzeria 555-1492 Delicious thin crust, but they don’t deliver
Market Perfect Foods 555-2527 Fabulous produce and fish. Buy staples elsewhere
Bakery Savory 555-1909 Heavenly cookies, can’t miss with cakes and pies

Immediately, upon receipt of this gift, Sara and Mark had a local network that helped them feel at home in their new home.

Now, think about who you know and, in the space provided below, prepare a list that you could give to someone who just moved into your neighborhood.

(Excerpted from NETWORKING MAGIC: Making Connections That Will Change Your Life By Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin With Mark Steisel)

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