The Real Price You Are Paying For The Manipulated Recovery – Part 2

Written By Gary Spirer Published April 1st, 2010

We left off in Part 1 of The Real Price You Are Paying For The Manipulated Recovery with my outlining what the government has done so far with your money in this manipulated recovery.

What is the result of all of this spending? A manipulated artificial recovery at an enormous price:

1. Huge growing debts.
2. Incredible, beyond imagination deficits that will be larger than advertised.
3. Higher taxes on the middle class and the rich directly to fund out of control spending by Congress.
4. Continued buying of votes with back door deals.
5. A health care plan (that many government officials are exempt from) is a superficial political victory at a huge and unnecessary cost to the country. A much better plan would have worked out if politics were not the main motivation.
6. Structural unemployment rate because the bailouts are focused on politics, Wall Street and big players, and not small businesses and entrepreneurs where jobs are generated.
7. Growing inflationary forces that continue to reduce the purchasing power of the dollar.

Even if we get a “recovery”, the price we have paid is enormous. We have redistributed wealth from the entrepreneurial producers to the big money players, the unions and the bureaucrats.

If the economy had been allowed to deflate more naturally and we had taken our medicine for our excesses and living beyond our means, we would be in a much stronger real recovery.

We will have more and more manipulated recoveries until we destroy free capitalism under the idea that our government knows best how we should live our lives.

Instead of being a referee, the government wants to be the referee and the player at the same time.

We are left with the bedrocks of America under attack – the Constitution and its entrepreneurial spirit – in the name of moral superiority and do-gooder spiels aimed at getting votes and power using and manipulating our money and resources against us.

Until we understand behind all this rhetoric are simple basic principles of human interaction and finance, we will be overwhelmed by huge numbers and big words derived from political polls much to our personal and collective detriment.

Roger Due

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