Five Steps to Keep Your Employees.

Written By Gary Spirer Published April 2nd, 2010

Are you worried that your employees might leave your business/company? Here are five steps to keep your employees from leaving your company. Employees are an investment of time and money. If your company has a high turn-over rate, you will be wasting time and money on the process of searching, hiring and training new employees. As a result, you will be unfocused on your bigger plans of growing your business; and making it successful.

Thus, let’s focus on retaining your employees and making them happy.

Below are a few steps you should consider to keep your employees.


Step 1.

*Recognize your employees.*

It’s been a proven fact that rewarding certain behaviors/actions will bring your more of the same behaviors/actions. It’s a part of human nature. You’ve probably witnessed this step with your pets and even your own children.
Have a program that rewards your employees for their hard work, etc. For example, you can start an Employee of the Month program, etc.

Step 2.

*Empower your employees.*

Have brainstorm sessions with your employees. Welcome business ideas from your employees; and let them feel they are contributing to the success of the company/business. You can also give the employees incentives for contributions you use for the business. They will feel that they are an integral part of the business/company.

Step 3.

*Create a fun and friendly work environment for your employees.*

The work environment makes a big difference in the morale of your employees. Although we can’t force employees to not gossip about other individuals in the business/company, we can encourage them to not participate in that type of behavior. Gossiping often causes divisions and hostility within the office environment.
An example of a “fun” work environment would be Pixar Studios and various Google offices. Although you may not have the funding to invest in a work environment that provides a game room, fitness center, theater, etc. to the employees, it’s something you might want to consider when your business takes off.

Step 4.

*Provide feedback and support*

Provide feedback and support to your employees. This will help them tremendously in their work performance. If there’s an area they are having trouble in, your guidance will help them improve in those areas.

Overall, the above steps will help you to keep your employees at our business/company. Retaining your employees with the above steps will prove to be a win-win situation for both yourself and your employees.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with Step 1!

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