Keep up the Passion! An Important Factor for the Continued Success of your Business

Written By Gary Spirer Published April 2nd, 2010

As you probably already know, passion is an important factor that can determine the start and success of your business. But how can you “keep” or maintain that passion?

As humans, we have all felt the emotion of passion in our lives. When you have a passion for your work/business, it will take you beyond the road of your desires. It will keep you more determined, focused and motivated to build a successful business. Thus, it’s important to maintain that passion.

Below are some steps that will help you maintain that passion.


Step 1.

*Define what success means to you.*

What does being successful mean to you? What state should your business be in that you would consider it to be successful? This will help you keep focused on your goal. If you can’t really define what success means to you, you will just be going around in a circle. Define what success means to you; and it will develop your success map.

Step 2.

*Stay true to your values from your value statement.*
Staying true to your values won’t bog you down as when you don’t stay true to your values. If you can’t stay true to your personal values, how will you really feel when you “earn” success? When you ultimately reach your goals/success, if you don’t stay true to your values, you and your employees may feel jaded by life. The passion from the time of your startup will be gone. This could possibly lead to a different road for your business.

Step 3.

*Take care of your health.*

Many business owners forget this important step. A good health will help you keep your emotions at check. When you don’t feel well physically, it’s also easy to not feel well emotionally.

Step 4.

*Learn to manage your stress.*

Stress can affect you both emotionally and physically. Although there are medications to help you with stress levels, learn alternative methods to manage your stress. These may include meditation, hypnosis, exercise, breathing techniques, etc.

Step 5.

*Know your limits and don’t over commit.*

You and your employees should be sleeping at least 8 hours/night. If you are sleeping less than 8 hours/night, your stress level may rise; and ultimately, your health will be affected. Do you really want to sacrifice your health for the success of your business? What good is a successful business when you are no longer around?

Step 6.

*Pay yourself!!!*

Many business owners don’t pay themselves when they start their business. Often, they pay their employees and pay the bills. However, they forget the great value of paying themselves. Start paying yourself for your efforts! When you don’t pay yourself, you may easily feel burnt out and even disheartened.

Overall, the above steps will help you maintain or even rekindle the passion you felt when you started your business. Although some business owners don’t realize the importance of passion, you now do. It can carry your business up the mountain to success! On to Step 1!

Roger Due

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