Steps to Grow Your Business via Structural Methods within Your Business

Written By Gary Spirer Published April 2nd, 2010

Do you want to grow your business? There are many ways to grow your business; however, in this article we will go over using various structural methods that can help you grow your business.

A growing business needs a solid infrastructure that clearly states its mission statement, has formal procedures, processes, etc.

Below are a few steps to help you develop a solid infrastructure to grow your business.


Step 1.

*Create your vision statement for your business.*

Take some time to think about your vision statement. Brainstorm ideas with your employees/other people. The vision statement should include your dreams and inspirations. It includes your strategic planning for your business. Here, you will basically be addressing the question of what your business/company will be doing. Your vision statement will give your employees an idea of where the business is heading.

Step 2.

*Create your mission statement for your business.*

Your mission statement should indicate the purpose of your business/company. Why does your business exist? Sometimes looking at your personal reasons for starting the business can give you light into this step. For example, you may have started a business to help educate children with autism because the current methods being used at schools are outdated.

Step 3.

*Create a value statement for your business.*

What are the values of your business? Your employees will look at your value statement to understand what your business stands for; and how they should represent themselves to the clients/customers/public. It will be heart and soul of your business. For example, “honesty” and “to help the community” could be some your business’ values. Then, you would include a short 1-2 sentence on regards to how your business incorporates/interprets the value.

Step 4.

*Create a business model.*

This is your business plan for growth. This step may take awhile to develop. However, having a business plan is priceless. With no business plan, you cannot expect your business to sustain growth. Please look at our articles on how to develop a business plan.

Step 5.

*Develop marketing strategies*

This step can be facilitated with the business plan you developed in Step 4. How do you plan to attract your customers; and to keep them coming back for more of your products/services? What are some of the strength/benefits of your products/services when compared with your competition?

Step 6.

*Obtain funding to grow your business.*

This step can be facilitated with your business plan from Step 4. List the specifics of how much funding you would need and where you would invest the funding. Then, consider where you will obtain this funding. Check out our other articles on finding funding opportunities for your business. There are many various avenues you can consider in obtaining funding for your business/company. These can range from personal resources to bank loans.

Overall, the above steps will help you to consider various structural methods that can help you with growing your business. Structural factors can make a big impact on our business’ growth. However, we should also note that there are other factors that you should consider for the growth of your business. So, please check out our other articles to help you grow your business with other considerations as well.

Now that you’ve gone over the above steps, let’s start applying each step one-by-one. Onward to success! Onward to Step 1!

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