Steps to Networking – Step 37: Beyond your level

Written By Rick Frishman Published April 7th, 2010

STEP 37: Beyond your level

All too frequently, the people we want to meet, those who could quickly catapult us into the upper galaxies, are beyond our reach. Not only don’t we know them, but we don’t know anyone else who can reach them. Calling them blindly without a warm introduction is futile and email seldom works. Occasionally, an email will slip through, but it’s a long, long shot.

To reach the unreachable, you must cultivate the relationship, and even that may not work. The best plan, according to professional speaker and marketing consultant Ken Glickman, is sending personal letters. The chances of succeeding still remain slim, but one of your letters could touch a responsive chord and yield substantial rewards.

Glickman suggests writing a personal letter that states, “I’ve followed your career (read your book/article, saw your interview) and respect what you are doing. I wonder there are any books that you could recommend to me that had a major influence on your life or career.” Most powerful people won’t respond, but some just might.

If any of the people you write do respond, read the book or books they recommend and when you’ve finished it, send a brief note saying, “I read the book and found it very useful. Thank you very much.” Keep it brief. Just say thanks and nothing more. Let it go at that and move on.

If, thereafter, your career advances — you get recognition, an award, a better job, a promotion or a good raise — then send another note saying, “I just wanted you to know that I was promoted or did _____________ and want to thank you. I attribute a great part of my success to ______________, the book you recommended.” You can leave it at that or ask him/her to recommend another book.

This technique keeps you in touch, lets your contact know that you’re doing well and helps you build a relationship that could turn into a deeper, mentoring relationship. At the same time, it builds name recognition and creates a favorable impression. If, somewhere along the line, you meet you will have established a solid basis on which to further the relationship.

(Excerpted from NETWORKING MAGIC: Making Connections That Will Change Your Life By Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin With Mark Steisel)

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