Steps to using philanthropy in promoting Small Business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 8th, 2010

Philanthropy is the attempt or tendency to enhance the living standards of humankind by charitable aid or donations. It may have various aspects. Some consider it to be aid given in the form of money, some by food, a few by working for free at some place. Thus, anything done voluntarily for the benefit of the other human being is considered philanthropy; it does not necessarily have to be money. For small businesses this approach can be really helpful. With the current fall in economy, such businesses need help to keep running.

Step 1 Get involved in charities

For small businesses participating in charity type activities is very important. A good strategy for performing good deeds would not only gain a positive repute but would also bond you well with your clients. For instance one can help out in a cause, which is run by the client or the client is involved in it by donating.

Step 2 Involve your business in charities

Often one can do charity acts related to one’s own small business such as supplying soups to some orphanage if you own a small restaurant or participating in a cause to help low income families. Similarly, as mentioned above philanthropy can be in any form, do spend some time at charity programs, fund raising events in order to help and also make strong connections with others.

Step 3 Use technology

Also, you can promote charitable efforts which you do through your website, costing you little, as compared to advertisements. No matter what you do, it makes your business stand out among others!

It’s that simple. Remember, doing good for others can benefit your business tenfold.

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