Steps to using social media tools for your Small Business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 8th, 2010

Are you short for cash? Many business owners can’t market their business properly as they don’t have budget for marketing. This is bad because you can’t be invisible in today’s world. Small start up business that has no marketing can’t make there businesses to flourish. The internet has paved way for a new marketing technique and that is through social media. If you don’t have money then you don’t need to worry because with this you can reach a targeted audience for free. There are some tools that can promote your small business without having to pay a single cent.

Step 1 Blog your way to success

The first and most popular way is by blogging. You can do this by sharing ideas, bringing tips, writing about industry trend and a lot more. Thus publicity for a small business matters through blogging.

Step 2 Use Facebook

Create a Facebook profile for your small business. This social network site is not just for teenagers so you can set up a fan page for your business. Start making connections to people you don’t know and start your own group.

Step 3 Use Squidoo

Another is to set up a squidoo or hub pages. You can create different subjects and drive traffic to your site. You can also earn money while doing this thing.

Step 4 Twitter your way to success

You can also create a twitter account for your business. Do this by sharing valuable information to others with just 140 characters. You can provide tips, teach courses and more. Watch your followers grow.

Step 5 Use popular social networks

You can also connect with people using MySpace and friendster if you are targeting youth population. Search the internet for more websites that can promote your website effectively.

It’s that simple. Remember, effective marketing does not have to cost a bundle.

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