Steps to Networking – Step 42: Your Networking Toolkit

Written By Rick Frishman Published April 9th, 2010


“My networking magic formula is to make contacts to get contracts and multiply my exposure to source, serve and motivate everyone I encounter.” MARK VICTOR HANSEN, BEST SELLING AUTHOR

When you call professionals to repair a major appliance in your home, they bring the right tools to handle the job. Similarly, good networkers are always equipped with the tools that they need to do a great job. The networkers’ tool kit consists of:

• A fabulous sound bite
• A great description of you, your product or service
• Business cards
• An address list
• A date book
• Writing materials and
• Expertise

Picture yourself entering a room jam that is packed with strangers all talking intently in tight little clusters. As you walk in, you scan the room hoping to spot a familiar face, but there is no one you know, not a single soul. So you head towards the table piled high with snacks trying to look confident and hoping your jitters subside. As you’re walking, you try to figure out your next move, but then your eyes make contact with a pleasant looking chap standing to your right. Talking with him are two nicely dressed women. As you draw closer, he turns toward you, sticks out his hand, introduces himself and beckons you to the group. The women smile softly, say hello, state their names and extend their hands. And presto, your smack dab in the middle of a conversation with three total strangers.

After a few opening niceties, one of the women looks you squarely in the eyes and inquires, “What do you do?” Although it’s said pleasantly, you can sense her focus, you can tell that she’s all business. You realize that she is really asking, “Who are you and why should I spend my valuable time talking with you?”

At that moment,

• Do you have the right answer?
• Do you know exactly what to say?
• Do you have a killer sound bite ready to reel off for just such occasions that can transform a perfect stranger into a network ally?
• Have you practiced that sound bite so that you can flawlessly rattle it off?
• Do you have a great business card?
• Can you give a quick, clear description of what you offer?

Well, you should!

(Excerpted from NETWORKING MAGIC: Making Connections That Will Change Your Life By Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin With Mark Steisel)

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