Ten Steps to Successful Living

Written By The Thrillionaires Published April 12th, 2010

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By Dr. Dallas Humble

Step 1. Be yourself. Never act like you have money regardless of your status.

Step 2. Live within your means. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

Step 3. Remember that big isn’t always better. Big offices and materialistic possessions do not reflect big incomes. Neither do big mouths.

Step 4. Think small when it comes to overhead and budgets.

Step 5. Think big when it comes to accomplishments, production and bottom line.

Step 6. Avoid jealousy. Be genuine and happy for others accomplishments.

Step 7. Be an example. Keep your eyes focused in the right direction and exemplify character and integrity in all that you do. Always follow the golden rule to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Step 8. Walk the long and narrow path. Avoid situations that threaten or tempt you to do things that are immoral or unethical by viewing life from tomorrow rather than today. If your decision could potentially inflict pain on yourself or someone you love, turn away from it. Remember very few things that provide instant gratification in life carry any type of permanent fulfillment with it.

Step 9. Concentrate on the important things in life, the things that last, such as your relationships with God, family and friends. No matter what you accomplish or what you attain, most will not remember what you did when you’re gone.

Step 10. Get out of religion and into relationships. God wants all of you on His terms, not that of a Church, manmade rules or opinions. By experiencing a true relationship with your Creator, you will experience true joy and happiness and, in time, personal success will be inevitable.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Dallas Humble is an author, speaker and business coach. He has written numerous articles published in professional journals worldwide as well as authored numerous books on business management and success principles. Dr. Humble has spoken to and consulted with thousands of his colleagues and individuals and on inspiration, personal development, motivation, leadership and business management. He is also featured in the movie, The Journey, an inspirational film about life and the pursuit of success with Brian Tracy and Bob Procter. Often known for his Make It Happen Strategies, his positive messages have created hope, belief and a winning attitude in people from around the globe and have placed him among the top speakers in America today. For more information on his services, products, events or speaking engagements visit his web site at www.makeithappennetwork.com or email him at support@makeithappennetwork.com

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